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For Boca’s City Council 2018 elections, the race is on! You can learn a lot about this year’s candidates by following the $$$. Check out this interview with Boca Raton resident James Hendrey.

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  1. Excellent interview James!
    YES, it certainly appears that ‘PayTo Play’ is alive and well here in Boca Raton. The proof is in the pudding; just look around.
    It would be truly wonderful if this interview and the information it contains goes viral.
    This little slice of paradise is on a slippery slope towards overdevelopment, and could become “Paradise Lost.”

  2. The false narrative continues.

    As an engineer, I never thought the day would come, but I have to say it. Lawyers are people (or individuals) too.

    It looks like you have several local friends of mine, who have absolutely nothing to do with city business in the “special interest legal” category. You also put the best man in my wedding, who I’ve known since freshman year in college, in that special interest category. Just because an individual has a job doesn’t mean they are a special interest. Sorry that doesn’t fit your narrative.

    Also, can you tell me what higher office I’m running for? I’m unaware of such a decision. I’m running for re-election to city council. Please cote March 13th.

  3. The facts available to all are irrefutable. The 4 incumbents are bought and paid for by “special interests” who will pay anything to get what they want. Special interests have so much money they support all candidates that can and have controlled our city government for some time. Folks, this is patently wrong. It’s “our City” and we should be allowed partake in decision making. Andi O’Rourke was the “first and only” Council person to stand up to this bad governance. Singer, Haynie, Weinroth and Rodgers were silent on schools and well planned development until O’Rourke rubbed their collective noses in it. We will only get good governance when candidates are elected who work for the “community” with residents, quality of life, business, and well planned development working together. Your vote will allow this to happen with Monica Mayotte and Kim Do.

  4. I agree 1000 percent James. Time to get rid of politicians and put real people in their place. We don’t need those polished lawyers in office just real residents that have the quality of life for our city in mind. The running of a city state or government should never be about personal wealth and gain.

  5. Jeremy, Thanks for your response. Yes, a few friends gave you money and that’s good. But, if you study the numbers of large campaign contributors like the one from Ms. Miskel’s law firm – do you think for one moment they weren’t contributing the thousands they did without expecting your loyalty to them in return? How naive of you! All the special interest money as illustrated in the Blue of our graphs presented in the video and previous Boca Watch columns expects you to dance to their tune. That is why you and Scott did not say anything when schools were brought up or that we needed a plan for Midtown. Had Ms. O’Rourke said nothing, nothing would have come of it? No!!!! These guys are buying your votes on the Council and we many others are tired of it. Jeremy, in my mind it’s dishonest. You want me to vote for you while you represent other special interests, its payola. Enough!!!!!!

  6. It’s probably not a good idea to go against the party line here so forgive me. Apparently special interest groups make donations to politicians they favor! This is news in the same way as ‘dog bites man’ is news. I’m not yet ready to conclude that there’s a direct quid pro quo here where Jeremy Rodger’s votes have been secured in advance. What I will concede is that the developers et al want to secure ‘share of mind’ (a marketing term) hoping that when the time comes to say thumbs up or thumbs down that he will remember their largesse.
    It’s up to us to fight for an equal or greater share of his mind. We don’t have the financial muscle of the big players, but we have a voice, we have a cause and we have passion and it’s up to us to convince Jeremy that our cause is just and that our cause is the one that he should support.
    On the other hand if you’re implying that Jeremy Rodgers directly solicited the campaign contributions of developers and their associated attorneys and if there’s any truth to that – then I’ll be at the head of the line to run him out of town.


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