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On this episode of What Boca is Saying, Katie sits down with Kirk Wolak to discuss voter fraud and how it impacts us on the local level.

Wolak, who is a mathematician and computer scientist, maintains a database of all of South Florida’s registered voters – giving him insights into any fraud taking place.

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  1. While it is possible that some persons may decide to vote improperly, and Kirk points out ways that it can be done, there has been no showing that this is a real or significant problem in South Florida (or elsewhere, for that matter). I’m not sure how Katie concludes that in this last election there was a “record high” in voter fraud (perhaps from President Trump’s wild, unsupported claims of voter fraud to explain why he did not win the popular vote). The much more significant problem is that “voter fraud” is often touted as a means to require types of identification that is difficult for certain demographics to produce, such as minority and elderly voters. I agree with Kirk, however, that election day should be on a more convenient day).

  2. Les, thank you for watching the interview and sharing your thoughts. If you re-watch the interview though you will see that I do not take sides on the issue of voter fraud, but point out there were record numbers of ‘early voters’ in 2016.
    That fact can be substantiated in articles from publications with political leanings in either direction.

    • Ah, you are correct. Thank you for pointing that out. Nevertheless, I hope your next interview will cover the systematic exclusion of folks who wish to vote but are unable due to unfair and politically motivated means, such as the types of ID’s required, the absence of adequate polling places in minority communities, the dilution of voter strength by means of discriminatory legislative voting districts, etc. To me, there is no right more important than the right to vote, and suppression of that right for political means, under the guise of protecting “voting fraud” challenges the strength of our democracy.

  3. The voter fraud explanation video must be sent to VP Pence’s office since he is heading up Pres. Trump’s fact finding committee on this subject nationally. Very well done and a very clear explanation of how this is happening. Keep up the good work.

  4. Useful follow-up to the previous opinion.
    Does Mr. Walak’s research :

    1) Quantify citizens (age, income, neighborhood, party affiliation) potentially disenfranchised by relatively new requirements such as Voter Id ?
    2) Address potential fraud vulnerabilities in voting machines due to the lack of transparency, proprietary operation, and confidentiality agreements with the various Supervisors of Elections?
    Security authority Bruce Schneier on the security of the election system including infrastructure, voting machines, etc.
    Wil Blake

  5. I find it interesting that so many people use the argument that showing an ID to vote disenfranchises a number of people in the U.S.
    Prior to national elections, a number of States were and do provide FREE ID’s including transportation to obtain an ID. You cannot travel by Air, Amtrak, or drive a car without an ID. We do have a Constitution which states that “You must be a Citizen of the United States” in order to vote. I truly don’t understand why so many people constantly use the excuse of “depriving minorities, the poor and elderly” by requiring an ID showing that they truly are a citizen of the U.S.A.


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