“We’re Not Here to Hear How You Feel….”


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A comment made loudly and with the force of the gavel by Planning and Zoning Board Chairman William Fairman in response to resident Ryan Dick who expressed the sentiment that “The citizens are tired of wanton development downtown….We don’t need another restaurant, we need green space.”

This comment drew applause from the audience…a sentiment held by many voices in the community.  Residents have been vocal against locating a Houston’s Restaurant on the old Wildflower site since the first public hearing on the subject, years ago.

BocaWatch has published other articles on this subject including the results of three resident polls conducted over the years all resulting in the public sentiment/feeling for an urban green space for the benefit of all the residents.  This sentiment/feeling has been continually ignored by the City Council, first under the leadership of former Mayor Susan Whelchel and continuing with the leadership of Mayor Susan Haynie.

Mr. Fairman’s comment is reflective of the development bias existing throughout the elected and appointed officials of our city.  Residents, for the most part, only have their sentiments/feelings.  They do not have the cash coffers paid for with taxpayer dollars to hire experts, lawyers, lobbyists, and influencers. 

When sentiments/feelings are dismissed as here, the residents’ are left without representative government supporting their interests.

…The pot calling the kettle black….

Finally, for Mr. Fairman’s comments to be interpreted by P&Z board member Glenn Gromann is laughable.  Mr. Gromann may be the loudest voice in all of Boca Raton in rejecting residents’ concerns

Click here to hear a residents impassioned speech at P&Z

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