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BocaWatch-Official Facebook has reached new heights!  We are so excited to share with our readers and supporters that we have exceeded 10,000 followers. What an accomplishment in a short period of time!!

We want to Thank you!

We are dedicated to bringing the latest information to you…

BocaWatch promises to always keep you, the concerned resident, updated on:

  • City meetings dates and agendas
  • Current news articles
  • BW weekly Hot Topics Blog containing news items and commentaries
  • Proposed citywide development projects and their impacts

We welcome your participation and invite you to comment, submit articles and share with your friends.  We encourage you to have your voice heard. If you would like to explore the opportunity of being more involved, contact us at info@bocawatch.org.  We look forward to hearing from you.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, they are the only ones who ever have.” ~Margaret Mead
BocaWatch’s Mission Statement
To inform, educate and create dialogue in support of responsible, sustainable growth in Boca Raton. We are dedicated to preserving the beauty and quality of life in our city while encouraging economic development to flourish.  We continue to strive to strengthen the awareness of the citizens regarding matters of city governance, and we stand ready to fight the fights necessary to continue and protect the traditions, attractions and charm of our picturesque city.



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  1. Congratulations Boca Watch

    In every community only a few people take an interest in what is going on. Boca Raton is no different. However, thanks to the Internet and Boca Watch, our community is beginning to take notice in a big way. Only 7,500 or so people voted in the last City election. Your having 10,000 followers is truly significant.

    What do the numbers say? One thing for sure, people are tired of being left out of the process. Our beautiful city is growing in an obscene way with huge, ugly concrete buildings with no aesthetic beauty. They see unbridled traffic on many streets and gridlock becoming more frequent. They learn the construction and traffic we see now is just 40% of what is on the books and scheduled to be built in the near future. Citizens are made to feel City government does not work for them. They experience a City that works for a few developers and property owners turning a deaf ear to those that elect and pay for a system that actively works against them.

    Thank you Boca Watch, Boca Watchers, Boca Beautiful and Save Our Beaches for making the huge and expensive effort to engage our neighbors – our community. Boca Raton is ours to lose if we do not become active and let our voices be heard.

    James Hendrey


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