The Quack Pack – Cronyism Hits A Dead End At City Hall


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If it walks like a Duck; sounds like a Duck; and acts like a Duck, it just might be a Duck……

‘Quack’ Pack cronyism with ‘moneybag’ outcomes is now at a DEAD END in City Hall….
Residents have reacted and their ‘Duck Call’ voices been heard.

City Administration take heed, business as usual is no more!!!

Al Zucaro,
Publisher –

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  1. Music to my ears! It’s about time….
    Thanks to all those persevering the cause…. good job Al!
    p.s. Carol Hanson is probably turning over in her grave…

  2. Thanks Al for your dedication keeping the citizens of Boca informed if it wasn’t for Boca Watch and you it would be like living in the dark we need a Pearson with your love for the city and knowledge to lead us and represent us on the councel or as our mayor

  3. Hi Al. I always enjoy reading your website and seeing your perspective on city affairs. I declared my candidacy last week for Seat A on the city council. I would love an opportunity to sit down with you and talk.

    • Hi David….Declaring ones candidacy to serve in public office is a big step….thank you for taking it…I would be happy to meet with you when I return….I am back the week of 5/15. As I understand it, the filing period will be set tonight at the city council meeting and again, if I understand it, candidates will have from 5/21 to 5/30 to declare…so the field is an unknown but expected to attract a lot of interest at this time…..Al Zucaro


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