The Politics of Fear is not Welcome in Boca


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Been surprised at what’s been coming through your mailbox recently? Those disgusting and manipulative images on mailers from the pro-Haynie Political Action Committee in Tallahassee conjuring up WWII atrocities and accusations of being a denier of religious freedom?  Portrayals of her opponent as captain of the Hindenburg.  Postcards describing him as a gambler.  What will they fabricate next? There are some very nasty supporters of Mayor Haynie in Tallahassee saying some incredibly nasty stuff.

Clearly they must be worried.  Worried that the Mayor cannot win on her 17-year pro-development record.  Cannot win because she voted for almost every concrete pile that now clogs our skies and our streets, and for almost every zoning variance.  She has changed her tune of late, promising to be tough on big development projects like 200 Mizner and offering ideas that might solve Boca’s traffic congestion and parking problems.  But is this too little, too late?

Better to resort to the politics of fear and smear.  These are the same campaign tactics that worked three years ago when Mayor Haynie defeated Anthony Majhess.  The politics of personal destruction.  But there’s an important difference in 2017.  Three years ago, the voters were susceptible to scare tactics.  This year it is Mayor Haynie who is running scared.  So are her supporters at the Chamber and in the development industry who are afraid that in a “change” election, she might lose.  That would not be good for the big developers with big plans for Boca.  Nor would it be good for Mayor Haynie, who has big plans of her own.

What a contrast to the mailings we receive from candidates Zucaro, Singer and O’Rourke.  They are about transforming Boca’s future. About being resident-friendly.  They are constructive and positive.

Mayor Haynie and the other candidates running for Boca’s City Council on March 14th should follow their example.  Call off the dogs in Tallahassee, lest their politics of personal destruction turn out to be the politics of your self destruction.  This election is about the future of Boca Raton.  Let’s talk about THAT.  Let each candidate talk about their record of public service and how they plan to improve the quality of life of those lucky enough to live, work and vote here.  Fear and smear have no place in that conversation.

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  1. Very well stated Mr. Gore!
    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result??
    Want to stop, slow down, the apparently broken ‘approval process’ for development and over-development??
    Want to make sure the Grassroots struggle to keep the Wildflower property an open space park and not another concrete commercial building and parking lot?
    Want some ‘ears’ that will not only hear…but, listen.

    I respectfully submit; it’s time to:
    Break up the existing good ole boys and girls club


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