Speak For Yourself or Tell the Whole Truth !

The following letter was submitted to BocaWatch after being sent to City Council from a beach condo resident Joe Pedalino regarding incorrect statements made at a recent City Council meeting.
At the July 26, 2016 City Council Meeting, a Beach Condo Association (BCA) spokesperson and board member Emily Gentile read a letter written by Jack Fox, President of the BCA.
As a sixteen year member of the BCA, serving several years on the Executive Board, I was appalled at the statements made by Jack Fox. The “FACTS” presented are a complete misrepresentation of the truth. The number of condos and owners quoted are not all from Boca Raton, many are from Highland Beach.  Also, the numbers quoted are inflated, as many condos and owners are no longer active in the BCA.  More importantly, the BCA does not “represent” the views of the member condos, nor the views of the owners.  There was no vote taken at any BCA meeting.  The most recent meeting held on April 19, 2016, with the next meeting not scheduled until October 18, 2016.  Furthermore, there was no correspondence or communications with condo owners to determine their views on the issue as discussed in Jack Fox’s letter.  In fact, the BCA has no master list of owners that are members of the BCA.  At best, the views presented in Jack Fox’s letter only represented the views of the Executive Board, which is comprised of five members, one of whom is not a condo owner, two are from the same condo and one is from Highland Beach. Obviously, this is not a true cross-section of member condos and their owners.  Notwithstanding my comments, I do admire Jack Fox’s ability as an excellent writer of fiction.
No matter what the issue, and no what your position…one must hold themselves up to a standard of integrity and honesty, particularly as a representative speaking for others.
Respectfully submitted,
Joe Pedalino
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  1. It’s OK to have a viewpoint. It’s OK to have a controversial viewpoint. But it’s not OK to lie to our city council in a quasi-judicial environment. I wonder how different some things in Boca would be if we were to prosecute sworn speakers at our quasi-judicial proceedings that intentionally misrepresent the truth. In fact, why DON’T we prosecute sworn speakers at our quasi-judicial proceedings that intentionally misrepresent the truth?


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