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We are tired of being taken for granted. Previous administrations take our tax dollars and did not listen.

We own substantial amount of Boca real estate. Just look at all of the condominiums that stretch along Boca beaches. How about those golf communities? Does anyone want to take a guess at how many of them are owned by people like us?

How about all of the restaurants and other businesses that we support. Does anyone miss us from May to October………………you bet they do!

Now it’s time for us to have a say in local government.

We don’t want over building in our city. We don’t want developers to own our politicians. We don’t want variances in construction so a developer can squeeze more profits without contributing to our life style.

We are tired of infrastructure not keeping up with the construction. Why aren’t the developers contributing dollars, ideas and solutions. Why do they get away scot-free when we get left holding the bag? You want to build in our city, you better stop being so manipulative with our laws and way of life. We are tired of being run over.

We want better and more parking in downtown without paying exorbitant fees. With all of the fancy new buildings downtown that are still mostly vacant why aren’t the owners told to allocate unused space for us. Our money has financed this town and we want a better return then we are getting. That means providing us with better parks, open spaces, a more functional intracoastal and more art in the city.

We don’t want our beaches to be any more developed than they are today! That means that we say NO to 2500 and 2600 North Ocean Blvd. PERIOD!

We want better schools. You want to know why……………better schools are one of the prime reasons that young families look for when they want to move into any neighborhood. And better schools attract a more affluent resident. So, that means that real estate values climb. They do not stagnate. After all, we all want to have our properties increase in value.

What entails a better school, well, in my opinion, the physical structures are modern, spacious (and I mean no more over crowding!) plenty of recreational space and activities and well paid teachers and administrators. Let’s not forget security. We live in different times from when we were growing up. We need better security to protect our children and teachers.

No one that I know of has done more of attempting to bring good government to Boca than Al Zucaro. He listens and takes action in fighting corruption (yes, former mayor Haynie, that’s you), fighting to get, not good but, exceptional governance from city government, seeking better results from the City Manager, legal department and better cooperation from the county and state.

This is the man who I hope can right the ship. He speaks our language. He will continue to solicit ideas from us “part timers”.

While your out there voting for Al there is a very talented young woman, Kathy Cottrell, who has the credentials to be excellent on City Council. Vote for her too, you won’t be disappointed.

This election is not just about Al, Kathy and other full time residents it’s about US!

It’s your duty and a privilege. Get out and vote.

Publisher’s Note:
Michael Bell was completely correct. Both Al Zucaro and I didn’t want to accept what he was saying as correct at the time. Hindsight showed Mr. Bell to be the wiser.

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  1. WOW. Outstanding article. Michael, you captured all the issues and it is about time all of boca gives more respect to our snowbirds. It is your city also. Thank you for stepping forward.

  2. Mike Bell says it like it truly is. Our caring and involved “snowbirds”, must take notice, now!!! Please do not vote for the status quo? You have a huge investment here and you can make an important difference. Boca is your home. You deserve to enjoy a community where the aesthetics of open space, a park bench to sit on and chat with a friend, a tree for shade as you walk ‘Your City’. What, you want to be held captive in your home or condominium because “Downtown” is a maze of unexciting concrete? How about an inviting walk after lunch or dinner?

    Under Scott Singer’s leadership you will get more of the same, building from sidewalk to sidewalk. He has voted for 21 monster projects only voting against 2, one last week because of the upcoming election, “Oh, maybe I better vote NO for appearances.”

    SCOTT SINGER IS PAID TO VOTE FOR THE VERY ILLS WE SUFFER FROM!!!! Why have you received the negative, nothing to do with Boca, assassination direct mail regarding Al Zucaro??? You get it because the developers do not want to lose their “TOOL” as Mayor. Scott’s heart is in the next election. He needs developer funding and will leave Boca, including YOU!!!, holding the concrete bag.

    Boca needs Kathy Cottrell for her years of experience, education and a big plus – she’s a Boca native. Who better? Kathy will bring depth of field and her needed and important qualities to support your City and fellow Council members. BOCA RATON needs your vote.

  3. Excellent article which highlights all the issues we face. Snowbirds need to be engaged and informed. You get the government you deserve. We deserve better on August 28th.

  4. Snowbirds can only vote if they’re registered in Florida, no?! Don’t snowbirds live somewhere else? Asking for a confused person.

    • I believe you must live here the majority of the time to vote here … and you cannot vote in two different locations

  5. Many ‘Snow Birds’ claim their Florida residence as home and register to vote here in the city. They need to be reminded they are an important asset to our community and should invest their vote in our Florida primary election cycle: city, county, state and national.

  6. Michael, thank you for pointing out how important quality of schools that are not overcrowded and properly managed are important to ALL residents. Great perspective from a part time resident thank you Sir.

    Best regards,


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