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BocaWatch commentator Jack McWalter is back to discuss a major topic of importance to the residents of Boca Raton: Mizner 200. After countless hours of research, Jack suggests Mizner 200 may not as be as bad a deal as everyone thinks.

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  1. Where do you live in Boca? 138 EXTRA units is no big deal to you? The town is being destroyed with all the development.
    Boca has NO plan for traffic…NO plan for Pedestrians, NO plan for parking other than to relentlessly ticket people. I got a ticket going to pay for a parking space.
    This is a huge monstrosity…..IT is unnecessary at this stage of the game to develop more when there is already enough!!
    I am a neighboring property owner who will be directly impacted by the construction. noise, dust, shade…and for how long? YEARS!!! This is just awful.

  2. Angela, I live nearby also. I am not for any more development in this city. I detest what this city council has done to this so called urban center. Now the propaganda is coming. You need to walk and bike everywhere since no parking. ” Way of the future”. This city council is running a huge con and needs to be stopped. My comments was based on “best we can get”. Lots of trees setbacks etc. This version is a lot better than the previous 3. I agree with you but what can we do. The CAB and P&Z have voted for it. Angela, stay with us. The big fight is across the street when Royal Palm is replaced by 20 story 1000 unit apartments. Now there is a fight worth getting into. Trust us we “are keeping our gun powder dry”.

  3. People who know me know that I am a big proponent of “less is more” when it comes to high intensity development. But I am also somewhat educated in the area of property rights. In this case, the property owner bought a (very expensive) property zoned for the purpose they are proposing. Unless I am mistaken, they are not asking for a single variation or deviation from existing zoning ordinances. If this is true, then we should accept and welcome the project, just as you would if you were proposing an addition to your home, or proposing your home built on a vacant lot – as long as it complies with applicable zoning law.

    Additionally, they have met with affected residents on many occasions, adapted their plans, and seem to be trying to address the individual concerns of many affecyted neighbors.

    That said, I will state again – I wish we could have developed our downtown with a LOT LESS intensity and a LOT MORE style. So projects like the Mark, Hyatt, 155, Archstone, are abhorrent to me. But this project makes sense from the point of view that it complies with applicable zoning law.

    Noise, dust, shade? Here’s my thinking:
    – Noise and dust? This will not be any more noisy or dusty than the noise and dust that was created when your home was being built.
    – Shade? The sun rises in the east, sweeps across the south, and sets in the west. Shade, if any, will be projected generally north of this project. It’s hard to tell from this blog the location of who is complaining or affected, but it’s certainly not anyone living to the south of this project

  4. In the end, all of these projects Mizner 200, Royal Palm, Crocker Midtown will be built. Yes you guys will fight with them and protest and they will revise their plans little by little, but in the end a version of all of them will be built.

    Just to clarify, I am not for building these developments, but just a realist who knows that in the end a version of them will all be built.

  5. Honestly …
    I want to thank you for at least letting those of us that can’t get to City Hall , for giving us your thoughts and a visual of what’s going on..

    You can’t stop progress ever here in this beautiful area,, (we had our time for years and that was great) Now it’s about building walking cities and well I don’t know if I’m ready to get around on a scooter yet but going to keep an open mind… yes bring that downtowner back and more of the same..
    Also of course going to need more traffic lights due to the congestion in the meantime so regular year round folks can get out of the neighborhoods and to work school drop off lines, shopping & whatever in a timely manner. Thanks for the video’s etc..


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