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We Need a Resident Majority on City Council to deal with the concrete tsunami coming at Boca Raton. Elect Monica and Kim on March 13th.

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  1. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Election Day! Casting my votes to help create a resident friendly and resident’s first majority on the Council.

  2. I hope Boca Raton residents take your message seriously. The City Council culture needs to change from reacting to planning. Resolving the infrastructure problems will require more than Band-Aid, reactionary solutions. Since the City Council has approved thousands of apartments, condos and townhouses that are NOT YET BUILT, not only do today’s problems need fixing, but the problems introduced by the additional residents will need fixing. This means that the City must invest and run the infrastructure solution machinery at a pace that is much higher than “business as usual.” Monica and Kim get this!

  3. I agree with the 2 previous comments 100%.

    I must add that Boca Raton’s residents have an abysmal voter turnout record!
    It’s shamefully low!

    To that point…
    I’m going out on a limb here but feel compelled to express what might be an unpopular opinion.
    Voter turnout is so low, and, since too many of Boca’s residents, who are indeed able but apparently NOT willing to take their democratic gift and yes, civic responsibility to vote seriously, ALL of Boca’s residents have had to deal with the consequences of their non-voter residents’ inactions!

    I would rather debate someone who votes differently than listen to someone bemoan the current state of Boca, who refuses to vote!
    Refuse is the correct term, because anyone who registers is ABLE to vote!

    So, thanks so much to fellow residents who care enough to vote, no matter their political leanings. Shame, to those who refuse to vote!
    We are, to a great extent, responsible for the government we have. I’m not speaking of two faced politicians, who tell us what we want to hear, to get elected, than do an about face in appeasement to their special interests.
    In general though, not nearly enough Americans take advantage of their right to vote. THAT causes all of us problems, and is one of the biggest obstacles against positive evolvement in our society.

    Apathy, no sense of community or civic responsibility, and selfishness are some reasons for poor voting turnouts.
    Add a pinch of hopelessness, a dash of exclusion, and voila, we have a powerful recipe for resident non-participation!

    We need to write more proactively involved with our government.
    Technology makes it easier than ever to contact our officials, elected or appointed.
    Obviously, far from enough people are able to give of themselves to make the effort. As long as “what’s happening” isn’t directly happening to them, apparently getting “involved” in behalf of others is not a top priority.

    Perhaps the debacle in Parkland sparked some “permanent” activism. I hope so.
    Can we apathetic adults learn passion for what is right from our children? Absolutely! The best “teachers” learn from their students.

    Maybe, hopefully, for those who are truly upset with Boca’s slide towards the “Dark Side”, have really listened to candidates and will finally show up at the polls to vote for the person who will make a positive difference in our city, thus in our lives!

    There remains wonderful and great people who would make outstanding statesmen/women. They can’t get the opportunity if we don’t vote!

    So….get to the polls tomorrow!
    Whether you vote for a “Fresh Face”, like I’m going to do, or you opt for, oh no, the “Status Quo”…….. VOTE!

    Voting will give you a sense of being part of the solution! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful feeling? You know it will!

    Here’s to a better tomorrow for Boca Raton….”A City in a Park”, not a parking garage!


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