Let the Holiday Season Begin-Boca Style!


Most of us put our cooking and holiday planning aside to venture out to Mizner Park the night before Thanksgiving to join in one our City’s most outstanding events of the year…The Official Lighting of The Holiday Tree!


At 7 pm sharp at the south end of the park…the music began, some lights flickered and there, before our very eyes, the lights of the official holiday tree were suddenly shining bright as the crowd burst into cheer. All one had to do was turn around and look toward the north end of the bustling park to then see a spectacular show of fireworks.


At the Amphitheater, thousands were enjoying the live show on stage. There was a mosh pit of the two to five year old crowd crooning to acts that included the Chipmunks, Mickey & Minnie, Goofy and Tin Soldiers, just to name a few. It actually looked like it was snowing as a hidden snow blower was sprinkling flakes from the upper level. There were lots of rides and activities for the kiddies, even real snow was brought in for snowball fights! There was no shortage of snacks and drinks for all to enjoy.


As we walked the park, the atmosphere was festive with people abuzz. There was snapping of pics, restaurant sidewalks overflowing and a great feeling of good cheer. It was a wonderful night for the young, the old, and the in-between to ring in the holiday. What a great way to kick off the Holiday season – In Boca Style!  To be continued with the always fun Annual Street Parade on Wednesday, December 2nd. Check the City of Boca link for details.


A big thank you to the all those at the City of Boca Raton for doing such an outstanding job…it seems to get better every year!





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