It’s That Time Of Year


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School is almost over, the temperature is rising, rainy season is emerging, cars are heading north, and residents are chatting about where are they will be spending their summer vacation.

Things don’t get as quiet as they used to around here in the old ‘dog days of summer’.  It seems the popular places stay active and busy all year…a good thing for our local businesses!  However, things do get a bit slower…even our City Council reduces their schedule to once a month.

Rather than publishing once a week, through June and July we will go to bi-monthly, unless otherwise necessary.

As always we thank you, our readers and followers, for your continued support.  Thanks to you, our growth has been phenomenal.  We wish you a summer filled with fun, sunshine, good books, safe and exciting travel, as well as relaxing time with your family. Don’t forget your sunscreen and have a great summer.

We won’t be too far away!

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