Endorsements for the August 30th Ballot


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BocaWatch has announced this week our endorsement of Beach and Parks District incumbents Dennis Frisch and Earl Starkoff. See endorsement article for details.

BocaWatch addresses other important issues on the ballot:

•  VOTE YES – to change City Charter to require elections for vacated positions on City Council.

Ordinance #5350
An ordinance of the City of Boca Raton amending Section 3.08 of the Charter of the City of Boca Raton to amend the method for filling vacancies on the City Council, including the office of Mayor providing that vacancies shall be filled by special election.

• VOTE YES – for pay raise for City Council and Mayor

Ordinance #5352
An ordinance of the City of Boca Raton amending Section 2-26, Code of Ordinances, to increase the annual salaries of the Mayor and members of the City Council as of October 1, 2016; providing that the annual salary of the Mayor shall be $38,000.00; providing that the annual salary of the other Council Members shall be $28,000.00.

Next week BocaWatch will have complete articles on both of these endorsements.

•  Vote for Dorothy Jacks –  Palm Beach County Property Appraiser.  See current article.

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  1. Why is Boca Watch recommending a pay raise for city council and mayor when they have not represented the residents in their desires. Why not wait tiill new people are voted in see how they do then vote on a pay raise
    Sue Merrill

  2. Please do not view a pay raise for our City Council as a reward, it certainly is not. To be a vibrant city we need to attract the most qualified people to the process and we cannot expect them to do it for nothing. We must find good candidates, vet them and keep an eye on what happens in our city government. Much of the wrong you see is our fault because of our apathy and failure to become engaged in the process. Those of us who attend meetings and stick up for you need your support if only to join in and make your voice heard. Believe me, I am disgusted with what our former and current councils have done to us. It can only change if we pull together and make it happen. The City needs you!!!! Vote for the pay raise.

  3. Vote NO on the pay raises. It is interesting to note that this City Council has argued that an special election would cost the city approximately $7500 and the majority find that an expense too costly for the city and yet they are asking for a salary increase of 4 TIMES what they are now receiving. They have failed to disclose the fact that each member of the council is given a stipend each year of close to $5000 to cover extra expenses. This council has made their part time jobs full time jobs because they like to attend every function like ribbon cutting and new store openings..everything that gets publicity. We have never had a problem getting residents to run for office in Boca… in fact, they fight for the office. The candidates accept thousands and hundreds of thousand of dollars from special interests to win their seat on the City Council. We have always attracted great candidates (as well as not so great) and they have gone on to serve in the State Legislature and the County Commission. The salary of the Council is set by City Charter. We are right in line with all of our neighboring cities…. why change a good thing? Why do the Council Members of the City of Boca Raton have to be the highest paid in the County? Have they done anything to truly deserve reward? With so many residents unhappy about the direction of the downtown, I think it is hardly the time to consider a pay raise that quadruples what they are now being paid. I ask the citizens of our city to take the time to see how much money all of the candidates spend to win their seat every election and to also check to see where their donations come from… I think it will be quite an eye opener to see just how important it is for them to win… and they all did it for the salary they are now making. It is all a matter of public record if you wish to take the time to check. I again urge a NO VOTE for the increase being sought by the entire council.

  4. They also get health insurance, a pension and a car allowance. The city manager and the attorneys each get close to $300,000 per year. Higher pay than our governor. Let them take a pay cut and distribute to the Council members. The current Council members are not hurting for money. Most live in the high end gated communities and have full tine businesses.
    What will be will be !

  5. Have you ever heard of salary increases based on merit? When I see the Mayor and Council do something constructive about traffic, road conditions and speed limit enforcement I will consider them to merit a pay raise…but not until then.

  6. Vote NO on the pay increase!

    1. The mayor and council people were aware of the compensation when they took the job. If they don’t like it now they should quit.
    2. Better time management can reduce the hours required for the job, e.g., one representative to ribbon cuttings, dinners, balls, photo ops, etc.
    4. The council has completely mismanaged the Wildflower situation, costing the taxpayers millions with no quantitative or qualitative returns. What other cases exist that the citizens are not aware of?
    5. View the downtown as it morphs into another Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. On who’s watch did that happen?
    6. Agree with Mr. Hendrey’s comments above and potential city leaders should be aware that if their performance meets citizen expectations, they will be compensated accordingly.


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