Creative Presentation Met With Resounding Applause


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As the City continues to move forward through the approval process for a Hillstone restaurant, which will take up a majority of the Wildflower site (the only city-owned downtown waterfront land), many residents are still hoping for a more thought provoking, civic minded approach to the development of this coveted property.

Let’s not forget this visionary idea by resident and architect Jose Berrara. His plan was presented to the City Council and residents at a well attended workshop in 2011. At that time City leaders were forming ideas how best serve the community in the development of this property. As you will hear at the end of Mr Berrara’s presentation, his outside-the-box thinking was met with great applause. Even if you’ve seen it…it’s worth another look.

And again, no action or response by community leaders last year when another innovative idea was brought forth by resident and architect/planner Jonathan Kolbe.  Click on link to see his concept.

These concepts show the possibilities of a legacy we have the opportunity to leave for the generations that follow…

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