Calling All Residents to Participate in a Visionary Session


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Calling All Visionaries : Please join local architects and residents  at Councilman Scott Singer’s  visioning session for our downtown waterfront.  He is hosting this charrette type workshop on Monday, September 19 from 6pm at the Downtown Library to generate everyone’s ideas and future potential of the best uses of the Wildflower and Silver Palm Park.

With a possible 45-year lease for the Wildflower site, Councilman Singer has stated that he wants to make sure we make the right choice for future generations.

The image above is of the planned redevelopment of Deerfield Beach’s Sullivan Park, a similar site.

Mr. Singer is reaching out to the community to come together toward a long-range plan for a world-class waterfront! Your ideas welcomed!


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  1. As we head to November 8th I am surprised and disappointed at the same time regarding what is going on in the background about the city owned property called Wildflower. Surprised by the emergence and excitement over what can be by what has and is being illustrated in Boca Watch regarding the imaginative possibilities for our downtown waterfront. To see what is possible and maybe paid for by state, county and citizen financial support – offering a huge reduction in cost to taxpayers. It will be fun to follow the IMAGINATIVE possibilities.

    Now to the sad. What is it about certain people in our community that would drive them to mislead the public regarding proposed Ordinance 5356? It is disheartening to read what they write – all fabrication. The proposed amendment does not limit in any way the opportunity for concessions renting recreational equipment nor the offering of food service by trucks or even a small burger shack or ice cream vendor. Deputy City Manager George Brown testified to this at a City Council meeting. Yet, those wanting to sell the property to a national restaurant chain insist the proposed ordinance limits such business. Why do business interests say such things? Selfish interest in promoting their friends in business, it’s so simple. Why do they have to be so dishonest?

    The national and local public is so tired of those who try to deceive us for their own monitary benefit. I hope anyone who values an exciting downtown park and playground for recreation, boating and local business in the area will see past the pathetic rhetoric of those wish to sell the property. Please vote YES for Ordinance 5356 on November 8th.

    James Hendrey


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