BocaWatch Satire – Waterfront Dining


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To all BocaWatch followers….

Over the years, BocaWatch has attempted to present relevant information in a comprehensive manner for you, the reader, to follow.  The manner in which information is presented is sometimes as important as the information itself.  In this regard, BocaWatch will now begin to capture relevant information in a new and fresh manner.

Welcome BocaWatch – Political Satire.

Making a political point or highlighting a topical issue using the medium of cartoon art presents topics in an informative yet creative way….With this addition, you, the reader, can fill in the meaning of any item presented….

The age old adage….A picture is worth a thousand words….forms the basis for this, our newest, attempt to keep you informed on the ever-changing dynamics of this great city, the city of Boca Raton.


Cartoon created by Jessica Gray


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