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Jack McWalter reports on last week’s Midtown meeting and lifts the curtain on the developer’s intimidation tactics and efforts to get deviations above established limits.

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  1. Since the thousands of “snowbirds” don’t get to vote, and most of us would agree with your comments, how do we get a voice on issues like this?

    • Rich, we have a great opportunity to start to change the City Government culture at the Municipal Election on March 14th. Al Zucaro and Andrea Levine O’Rourke are City Council candidates who are committed to prioritizing residents’ voices. Help get them elected by motivating as many voters as you can. Thanks!

  2. Bocawatch article from 2015:

    Our city needs to develop programs designed to attract people from 8 to 80. Particularly the millennials, 18 to 34 year olds; the college educated audience that many cities are competing for. Some argue that this segment of the population choose where to live before they pick where to work and they tend to choose to live in cities that are walkable and bikeable. Residents have been clamoring for years about bikeability, walkability and great downtown public spaces as the attractor adding to the Boca Raton image.

  3. Are any of the candidates running for City Council or Mayor advocating or even better, promising to make Boca Raton a walking/cycling city? I have seen a lot of developers come into Boca Raton over the last six years and build more high rise apartment buildings that will never be filled…., but I have not seen any new bike lanes built or any effort to slow down the speed limit zones where pedestrians are likely to be: Downtown Federal Highway, Camino, Palmetto, etc…


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