Boca Raton Councilman Jeremy Rodgers Development Voting Record – CORRECTION


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This is an update to an article on Councilman Rodgers’ development voting record that was published in BocaWatch on February 20, 2018. The reason for this update is information provided in a comment to the article by someone named Thomas. He or she pointed out that University Village was approved prior to Councilman Rodgers becoming a member of City Council and his subsequent YES vote on University Village was to allow the developer to increase the dwelling unit density of University Village. We also incorrectly added the number of hotel rooms approved by Councilman Rodgers.

In correcting the article we realized that we had mixed two story lines. One was Councilman Rodgers’ voting record and the second was the massive volume of development that has been approved, but not yet built out. We were shocked to learn this during our research on voting records. To make the situations clearer for our readers we decided to write this correction article focusing on Councilman Rodgers’ voting record only and follow-up with a separate article on the approved development.

The following spreadsheet is updated to reflect only the development that Councilman Rodgers has voted to approve. University Village was initially approved at 440 dwelling units and Councilman Rodgers voted to allow the developer to increase the density of University Village by 409 dwelling units to a total of 849 units – a 93% increase. Adding the two hotels’ room plans together results in 349 hotel rooms.

In summary, the above updated table represents the number apartments, condos, townhouses and hotel rooms approved by Councilman Rodgers. The 349 hotel rooms are not included in the 2,050 dwelling unit total. These developments will be coming on-line over the next several years, which will be the subject of a subsequent article.

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  1. Can a member of the city council vote NO on a project that is in compliance with code and with no variances to the relevant code? If not isn’t it somewhat misleading to stigmatize those votes.

  2. I recall seeing a comment by Deputy Mayor Rodgers here that appears to have been deleted. Was this deliberate or an oversight?

  3. Yes, the University Village residential density was increased while the commercial component was decreased. Overall, a net reduction of traffic.

  4. Deliberate….Rodgers has been offered the opportunity to outline his platform for BocaWatch readers on numerous occasions. He was also offered the opportunity to sit for an interview on BocaWatch no less than 4 times. He chose not to come in and address the issues for the BocaWatch readership to hear. His prerogative, of course. However, Mr. Rodgers’ reactions to the BocaWatch articles are his attempt at ‘spinning’ the narrative. Unacceptable. BocaWatch stands by its articles; stands by its posture that Mr. Rodgers is not ‘resident friendly’; and stands by the criticism that he has aligned himself with ‘developer friendly interests. He has taken their money; has accepted their signage locations; and, perhaps of greatest concern has remained silent with the unethical practices uncovered in Boca Raton politics. Al Zucaro, Publisher.

  5. Rodgers did share his views here but they were deleted – so you’re being a little disingenuous. Let the reader decide if Rodger’s is spinning. You report an let us decide. In addition I’m not surprised that he declined your invitation to appear on video. Why on earth would he want to give certain BocaWatch readers yet another opportunity to throw more adolescent insults at him. Finally may I correct your statement, and I quote – ‘of greatest concern has (sic) remained silent with the unethical practices uncovered in Boca Raton politics’. This is factually incorrect. If you review the transcript you will see that Rodgers supported further investigation into the Mayor’s affairs. I was there – I heard him.

    • Ian,
      Rodgers has had all the exposure he will be given on BocaWatch. He refused to sit for an interview and refused to outline his position….and for all the reasons I outlined earlier, BocaWatch does not find him ‘resident friendly’. He has aligned himself with the developers and the unethical politicians of our community. He is self serving….Residents now have the opportunity to vote on Tuesday….At any rate, you have your opinion and I respect that….but there will be no more dialogue after this post.
      Al Zucaro

  6. My attitude 3 years ago was ” I love this kid”. He is a boca kid and he will do great on the city council. Smart, good family man, IBM guy on and on but after 3 years a lot of us lost trust that he would do the right thing by at listening to the residents on a lot of issues like the intercoastal developer land grab , fireman pension issues, Ocean Breeze golf course ,on and on. Than when we found out he was Running with the Wolves as in the developer cabal that has taken over this city we have a right to questioned whether he should continue on the city council. Oh he will probably win since Kim Do came on so late but Jeremy should watch closely the vote count . It is a referendum on him and his judgements so far. Change is good . Jeremy needs to get out of politics and take care of his family and his career which is what I would tell him if he was my son. He is being corrupted and that makes me sad. I am asking all the parents and especially the grand parents to send him home to his family. After the kids are grown come on back. You will be welcome. Kim Do will hold your seat warm. Lets all of us help him out. Vote for Kim and Monica next week. We all still love this kid because he is ours but change is good..

  7. Now, that I have sifted through the dirt of Mr Rodgers translucent, and not transparent voting record, to me it’s very clear who I AM voting for.

    I was once sure I’d vote for Mr Rodgers.
    I must admit my gut was warning me. Too often “I smelled a wolf in sheep’s clothing!” I felt his campaign photos of himself and his ALL American family, etc was simple propaganda, ie: politicians holding babies! Rubbish!

    Yes, of course, being a good Dad, serving in the military etc are honorable. By themselves, what do they really tell you? They tell you he’s a decent father and served in the military. That’s all! Photos of him with his children etc don’t reveal anything valuable to predict what kind of leader he’s been or will be. This kind of campaigning is “leading the witness” shall we say.
    After the dust in my head settled, I have decided to take his campaign sign off my lawn. I don’t like litter anyway.

    I was very disappointed learning of his voting record for development.

    There should be a moratorium on most development until the City and Residents an figure out how to “FIX” the issues the current City Government has given us.
    All Residents MUST VOTE if they want to have a greater grip on the reins of Boca’s destiny!


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