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The Midtown developer is complaining that the City Council is holding him to a higher standard than previous developers. He’s right – and better late than never! Jack explains how these standards are actually in city codes and ordinances.

Publisher’s Comment:

Mid-Town Boca has been the subject of great concern for some time now. Thanks to Jack McWalter’s efforts captured in his video commentaries and coupled with the insightful ‘open letter’ to the City Council on ‘concurrency’ questions from former vice-Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board, Steve Utrecht, serious questions as to the merits of the Mid-Town Boca project have arisen. These questions will need to be answered before this project can and should be given the green light. Concurrency for traffic, schools and essential municipal services have not yet been publicly addressed as required. A master plan still has not been submitted; and a city staff generated ordinance still not drafted.

Mid-Town Boca is a project that is simply not ready to be brought to the P&Z Board for recommendation to the City Council. A precursor that 2500 living units may be squeezed in an, as yet to be determined area, is absurd. The inclusion of a Tri-Rail station seems a myth to support application of the more relaxed standards that a Transit Oriented District would allow. Finally, the residents are not yet fully informed of the impacts on safety and quality of life such a major rezoning will have.

BocaWatch encourages re-development for the Mid-Town area. BocaWatch supports responsible, sustainable growth; the number to be approved approved for Mid-Town Boca must be significantly less than what is being asked for and should be no more than 650 residential units with a percentage set aside for work force level rentals.

CALL TO ACTION: BocaWatch is announcing a call to action for city-wide residents to participate in the MIDTOWN PRO 650 movement….see the logo below….The residents’ future is determined by what actions are taken in the present!

Let your voices be heard…Contact the Planning and Zoning members; Email and phone the City Council members….Be dogged….Demand they limit overdevelopment…limit Mid-Town Boca to a maximum of 650 units and no more!

Thank you

Al Zucaro

Contact the City Council and Planning and Zoning Board to make sure your voice is heard!

City Council

Mayor Susan Haynie –

Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers –

Councilman Mayor Robert Weinroth –

CRA Chair/Councilman Scott Singer –

Andrea O’Rourke –

Planning and Zoning Board

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Arnold Sevell –

Rick Coffin –

Larry Snowden –

Kerry Koen –

Janice Rustin –

Larry Cellon –

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