Councilman Singer Hosts Townhall Meeting


Councilman Scott Singer

Held Coffee & Conversation this Week

It was well attended with Interesting and Pertinent Conversation. 

Stay Tuned for a Follow up Article. 

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  1. Posted by Al Zucaro On The Boca Watchers Facebook Page

    With two glaring items to comment on, I continue to believe that Councilman Singer is our best hope for a measured approach to good governance here in Boca Raton. Although he may have items that reasonable people can disagree reasonably with, he presents himself very well. Last evening, he demonstrated his formidable skills in managing an audience; contemporaneous argument and response to difficult questions;his grasp of current day issues and facts; and, a working knowledge of historical relevance leading to today’s issues. Well done!

    The two glaring items are: 1) Lying Under Oath; 2) Glen Gromann’s inappropriate actions as a P&Z board member. Item one will be the subject of next week’s BocaWatch Blast but suffice to say that Councilman Singer’s position that ‘Perjury’ is not an issue for the city council to consider is unacceptable. More on this next week in the BocaWatch Blast, “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth….So Help me ________”. Item 2, Mr. Gormann’s use of leading questions, questions that suggest the answer, is inappropriate as a fact finder in quasi-judicial hearings….and his giving testimony without being sworn in, a technique he uses often, is even more unacceptable. Oh, silly me, I forgot….it is OK to lie when giving sworn testimony to the P&Z Board and/or the City Council…. so why bother to have him leave the dais, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then testify as to his version of the facts….These are glaring issues that need to be addressed by the City Council and Councilman Singer’s last night left a lot to be desired. Al Zucaro

  2. Relating to Ann and Andrea’s concerns of connecting the city through a clear vision… can the Councilman vision Boca as a “world class city” when he is supporting the gateway to the city to be a Hyatt Place, (a cheap hotel) whose new main function is to cover up the prison building next to it. And the “signature” restaurant a Houstons – really?? Love the place but it is far from special. Seems to me that we are tracking away from world class and turning toward Everytown, USA.

  3. Kudos to Scott for taking the time to speak to & more important listen to some of the citizens of the town the other night.
    I have attended most of the P & Z meetings as well as the City Council meetings within the past year or so. I have come to the conclusion(as many have) that the planing & zoning board comes in a very close second to our elected officials in wielding power in this town as to the overall look and feel of Boca . When Jim pointed out a few examples of a personal agenda and conflict of interest theme by a present P & Z member, ever the peace maker Scott didn’t let him respond. And that is part of the problem. There is no forum for this powerful group to explain themselves to the populace. They give a curt 1-2 minute explanation before they vote on an agenda item and that’s it. How many are also on the community appearance board?

    I just read a January 13, 2013 article in the Sun Sentinel concerning the appointment of Mr Gormann, they came away scratching their heads as well as Anthony & others after he got the seat. It seems that the vetting process for such a critical position should be more in depth than it is. And if the head of the committee sees something that has a smell to it, it should be dealt with and not turn a blind eye to it. The city council members should also jump in. It is a direct assault on them if their underlings aren’t doing what is best for most of the town. Do we need all to sign an ethics policy?
    There are guidelines for rulings and then there is the will of the people. How many times have we seen 90% of the speakers at meetings present a well thought out & compelling debate just to see the P&Z go the other way. It’s good to be king!

    We need more like minded, deeply caring(for all not a select few) members seating on the dais.

  4. To all that have called with comments in support of or objecting too what has been published, I thank you….but, for the life of me, I cannot understand what prevents each and every one of you from allowing BocaWatch to express your viewpoints to advance the public debate….
    Behavioral change will not happen over night…It may never happen unless and until good people speak up….
    Thank you to those who often have spoken out. It is encouraging to see this support….
    With this said, I want to raise one item for consideration…
    Perjury is a criminal act that requires a tribunal greater than the city council to determine. So let’s take that phrase off the table but behavioral change addressing misrepresentations and lies at the public microphone remains.
    Councilman Singer suggests that misstatements/lies are identified in the fact finding process and where appropriate weight can be accorded…..Ideally one would like to believe that is the case…but, call me jaded, I think that is way to removed to effect behavioral change from those that blatantly and often mislead. to their advantage….
    Change must start at the institutional level. ‘Unacceptable’ is the message needing to be sent.from the City Council. the City Council must demand this behavioral change ….
    The City Council is an institutional process effectuated by its individual elected members….If the individuals are unwilling or unable to effectuate such behavioral change than different individuals need to be place into the institution….These are long term gains….
    In the mean time, some residents have identified third party agencies also capable of effectuating behavioral change…
    That is a good thing worthy of our collective respect.
    I wait for the time to write about all that is going on….So until then….’We shall see what we shall see….’
    Al Zucaro, Bocawatch


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