Who’s leveraging online in Boca Raton effectively?


Lately I’ve noticed a lot of local businesses using online media effectively to communicate the value of their products and services. Whatever you do, reaching out to the people who are loyal to you with a frequency that helps them understand the changes and exciting news, about your business is awesome.

These days it’s not just about your own website, but also taking advantage of other publications, other websites that other people own. Popular examples are Facebook and Twitter. That’s where today’s audiences are. if you want the best chance at reaching the widest possible audience, you have to reach beyond what you control alone and step into the social media world.

One example that Was really exciting to learn about is @@cosaduci on Twitter. This Italian bakery on Twentieth Street is known for amazing food, and their menu changes every day. They post their menu on their website every day. That’s wonderful, but even more exciting is how they post their daily menu on Twitter too, making it even easier for loyal patrons to take notice of their daily featured items.

This is just one example of how local businesses are using online tactics effectively to create new business and make their existing patrons even more loyal.

What are some examples you can share about how Boca businesses are shining online?

Please share your favorites by commenting below.


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