What do you think about FAU’s Stadium Sponsorship?


Have you heard the controversy about the naming of the FAU Stadium?

Click this link to read what people are tweeting about it. 

FAU has awarded the privilege of naming their newly built football stadium to a detention and mental health facility operator, The GEO Group. Listed by the symbol GEO on the New York Stock Exchange, The GEO Group is a for-profit, publicly traded company. The GEO Group is the largest in its industry, an industry that’s growing respectably in an otherwise sluggish economy.

There’s been a lot of attention brought to this sponsorship and it’s earned the new stadium the nickname of “owlcatraz”. It’s been parodied on national television and questioned as a wise choice for a school who has an owl for a mascot.

What do you think about this attention drawn to FAU, The GEO Group and Boca Raton by this sponsorship?

Please leave your comments below.

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