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  • If you’re a local realtor and want to show your clients who are interested in moving to Boca Raton, then show them “the sunny side of Boca” without exposing them to the less appealing news. Please recommend following this Twitter account @ForBocaRaton.
  • If you want your kids to know about what’s happening at their school, with the school board, and at FAU then this is a “family friendly” account to follow without having to be exposed to the more scary stories that make it on TV and in the paper.
  • If you represent a brand, organization, or local government and want to know more about how to protect your image through social media while leveraging local media sources, minimizing your risks, then call Massive Impressions and ask them about their proprietary web-based social media management software, Mi360.

You’ll stay informed on the newest happenings and community events. We use Massive Impressions social media software, MI360, to monitor dozens of websites containing information on Boca Raton, newspapers, event calendars from the local schools and school board and more. When something new is published the software lets us know immediately and we decide whether to tweet it out or not.

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