Vote Yes to Ordinance 5356, Protect our Intracoastal Waterfront


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The following is voter information regarding Boca Raton’s proposed Ordinance 5356.  We are confident you will find valuable material in the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

The election schedule begins with absentee ballots being mailed and ends with precinct voting. Following are the key milestone dates.

September 24 – absentee ballot mailing starts

October 24 – early voting begins

November 8 – precinct voting


5356 FAQ'S

5356 FAQ'S

Jim Wood & Jessica Gray

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  1. Thank you Jim and Jessica….this article is educational….Its content and reference to additional information sources provides the voting public with why they should vote YES for Ordinance 5356 on November 8th….To all citizens….YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE….LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD…..AZ

  2. After watching the Wildflower issue for 10 years I am shocked that the city wants to put a restaurant there. We were promised a park if the city bought the property. Now I realize that the city is controlled by the developers. Ok we need change and we should be happy that they want to invest in our city. We must continue to fight for pocket parks between the buildings. They are ripping the heart out of our downtown and there is nothing we can do about it. They are steam rolling over the little guys . Now they want to rip out our souls by stealing the last little backyard left on the water front. We were successful 35 years ago in getting parks for our kids and that is what made Boca a special place. I view this fight as our last chance to stand up to the elitist in city hall that live behind guarded gates and live in multi million dollar complexes. Parks were created for the little guys. The poor and middle class that don’t have big back yards. I estimate 25,000 people of those live in Boca. Maybe more when all the condos are finished where people live in 1000sq ft boxes. They are the silent majority that we fighting for. We are fighting for the
    oppressed ,the little guy,who can’t afford to go to a fancy restaurant with valet parking.

    My daughter lives in downtown San Francisco with my grand children. In San Fran and if the city was going to take away their park there would be civil unrest. She said we would organize, get Save The Park shirts. Tear down the fences and sit down on their blankets with 100’s of kids running around and hope that they would be arrested . Let the reporters take over. Picket city hall and call for recalls of the council. My daughter was raised in Boca and says we are weak. You are to gentle . The people of Boca should get really mad. She says you won’t so the elitist will squash you and your friends. This park is a symbol of our last chance to stand up to the developers . She said we should go over to FAU and talk to the environment kids. If they want to save a tree they certainly will want to save a park. Get them mad. They will have no problem with sit ins, and disruptions in the city councils . These kids got the president of FAU fired. Question is do we have the guts to lead them. Jack Mcwalter


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