The Crazy Eights: 8 High Profile Items Coming up in Boca Raton Politics Starting October


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Summer 2016 is over and what an active summer it has been….

October is upon us and politics in Boca Raton are in full swing, so BocaWatch thought it beneficial to point out a few high profile items for citizen consideration and action in the very near future.

1. The leading item for city residents consideration is the November 8th General Election Ballot. The question for Boca Residents is – Ordinance 5356, the citizen referendum requiring all City owned land on the Intracoastal Waterway to be used for public recreation, public boating access, public streets and storm water drainage.

2. Palm Beach County Question – shall the County and the County School Board levy a one-cent (17%) sales tax increase beginning January 1, 2017 for a ten year period raising $2.7 Billion dollars?

3. General Election – Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District – Earl Starkoff (incumbent) versus Erin Wright (challenger).

4. General Election – Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District – Dennis Frisch (incumbent) versus Craig Ernst (challenger).

5. General Election – County Commissioner District 5 – Mary Lou Berger (D) (incumbent) versus Taniel Shant (R) (challenger).

6. General Election – Two (2) Constitutional amendments – No. 1 Solar Energy and No. 2 Medical Marijuana Usage.

7. Mizner 200 – scheduled for a hearing at the Community Appearance Board in October and then on to the Planning and Zoning Board – this project is seeking approval to replace the low density Mizner on the Green townhouse house units, with a high density, 936 linear foot (larger than Palmetto Promenade) complex, 100 feet high with 386 units. A solid concrete wall structure with no street level retail across from Royal Palm Plaza and north of Townsend Place residents.

8. City Council to hire consultant to map out a new city commons complex to include City Hall, the Community Center, the police station, the tennis facility, and other local government properties; a world class facilities grouping or a Taj Mahal boondoggle?

The General Election items above are down ballot items in this Presidential election year. BocaWatch will not opine on national and statewide patrician politics. Our focus is mostly on City and County issues. BocaWatch will publish next week its recommendation list for residents on these local issues.

We will also opine on some Constitutional amendments thought to have future impact on life in the City of Boca Raton and on south Palm Beach County, generally.
Absentee Ballots are already in the mail….the election process is now in progress….

Stay tuned and remember:



P.S.:  Residents, take note that this list is not exhaustive…. realize that there was no mention of the Municipal Golf Course or the Boca Teeca circumstances.  No mention of the 770 Palmetto Park Road law suit; overcrowded downtown roadways; the annexation question and so many more issues of great concern to residents…..Welcome to Boca Raton politics!

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