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Open letter to the Mayor..

As much as you have tried to come out for the residents, holding town halls, saying your for the people – almost every vote, every issue you have said you have been there for the residents you claim to represent, you have voted for the opposite. Now your backed by Batmasian, and almost every other special interest in Boca and are now aligned with Andy Thompson… come on man… as fake a resident as it comes.

It’s so incredibly shocking that you listen and then lie to our faces.

We have spoken on many occasions and I have given you every opportunity to vote the right way. Every time you have voted on the wrong side of the issues I care about, and every person I know in Boca cares about. I am energizing my base and those families in my generation that have grown up here and truly care about this town.

You sold out a long time ago I believe and it is quite apparent. How do you live with yourself knowing you have listened to and totally said “I don’t care about you” to the people you supposedly represent..???

I asked Haynie the same questions to her face and via email years before her law breaking. She seemed just as apathetic and I look at her now and ask you the same questions.

How do you put residents first with regards to development?

How can you justify your vote to allow development on our beaches? Remember I was at the hearing when you cast the vote to let it happen, don’t lie. You were silent on the Houston’s referendum, I energized the people of this town to let you know that this type of development is not backed by those who live here. Where are you now?

You said let a boat ramp happen in Lake Wyman…. to my face. You got shot down emphatically at the Library.. and I told you months ahead of time this was not wanted.

You backed almost every development and density project since you have been on council. Are you now flip flopping the rhetoric on almost every vote you have made just to pander to the voters who are uninformed?

I am respectfully awaiting your response.

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  1. Ryan,
    Good article and on target, but, you must remember. As of this date, Singer is only the “ACTING” MAYOR. Now, the Scoop of the day. The Ego Maniac, known as Scott Singer, has put his picture on the Wall of Mayors in the City Council chamber. Really? Scott Singer is not our mayor. If elected, fine but not until. Very insecure move on his part and shows his bullying tactics to all who pay attention. Mr. ME ME ME. You can’t believe what he says. It’s all about developer money.

  2. Scott Singer is a great listener, and an even greater talker, but as you correctly point out, Scott has not always voted in way that can be classified as resident friendly.. His approval of variances for Tower 155 and the mansions on our beaches are the two most outrageous examples. He claims to follow the wishes of Boca’s residents. My concern is that his political ambitions require that he also follow the wishes of his campaign contributors. And when it comes to money, there is no question that the developers and their friends have his back in this election. And we all know they are expecting a return on that investment.

  3. If you want more of the same: 140’ tall buildings (Tower 155, Via Mizner, Hyatt Place), more concrete than green space, more granting of variances on Singer’s campaign contributor’s projects, all without the necessary infrastructure then Scott Singer should get your vote. If you don’t like what you see, make your opinion known. Vote for a change.


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