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Thank you to Jessica Gray for continuing to identify examples of what ‘creative’ minds can vision with unblemished waterfront properties.  In response to the request of EDSA’S project manager, Kona Gray (no relation), Jessica continues to come up with brilliant ‘suggestive ‘projects for ideas to add into the planning of Boca Raton’s publically owned waterfront.  Examples abound….Deerfield, Dania, Jupiter, West Palm Beach to name just a few….Boca Raton needs to get on board….the City Council and the Greater Beach and Park District Commission need to think outside the box and create great spaces equal in stature to any other municipality in the general surrounding region.  First rate…spare no cost…this is a legacy of note.  Go for it!!!

Al Zucaro

Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation is a 501C 3, to our north in Jupiter, Fl. where a tragic event in their local waters turned into a great cause for watching wildlife, snorkeling, diving or fishing. Most importantly – for remembering Andrew.

“Tragically, Andrew died after being struck by a boat while snorkeling on June 8, 2014. Andrew’s family and friends formed the Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation to make sure he would not be forgotten and to build his legacy. We think building and naming artificial reefs in Andrew’s honor is the best and most appropriate way to build Andrew’s legacy for present and future generations who love Jupiter and northern Palm Beach County like Andrew did.”

With support from the community, the Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation was funded by local businesses such as: dive shops, foundations, charities, surveyors, reef mappers, construction services, consulting services, engineers, marketing…. The list goes on and on with donations ranging from $20 to $150,000.  I personally look forward to visiting.

Check out their Facebook page here:

With all the recent talk these days about Boca Raton’s waterways, wouldn’t it be great if the residents, the city of Boca and the Beach and Parks District could vision and get behind installing an artificial reef in our waterways?

This would strengthen our diving, angler and snorkel community as eco tourists utilize local dive charters, hotels and eateries.  Because many of these anglers, divers, and snorkelers are eco-tourists who utilize local boat charters, hotels, restaurants and other amenities, artificial reefs can have a positive impact on local economies.

This is a win win for the economy and environment.

With that in mind, Boca Raton’s ‘community’, generally, must get on board to vision what ‘can be’ and then to have the political will to take the Boca Brand to a new level .

Jessica Gray


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  1. Great job Jessica, I am with you 100%!
    It should be noted that the State sets money aside to provide the majority of funding for these reefs. We should take advantage of that funding.
    This would be such a positive legacy for our town.

  2. I have a win-win solution – to help reduce beach erosion and create artificial reefs at the same time. A person I know that lives in Gainesville has worked on projects all over the world to help beachfront communities reduce their beach erosion. The projects deploy ‘reef balls’ which are submerged off the beach. They change how the surf interacts with the beach. I am not an expert, but here is a link to a research paper on a project completed in the Cayman Islands. ( These reef balls not only reduce erosion but also provide for artificial reef development for marine species to thrive.


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