March City Election…We’re Off To An Amazing Start!!!


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Some moments in life are humbling, while others may be exciting.  I had the rare occurrence of experiencing both emotions at the same time during my Campaign Kickoff event last Friday at Boca’s Wick Theater – the perfect venue!

It was humbling to see the large turnout of over two hundred and fifty supporters that ‘packed the house’ and were generous with their kind wishes and offers of volunteerism to help me win the upcoming March 14th Boca Raton Municipal election.  It was exciting to feel the energetic buzz that filled the air and allowed me to feed off the energy as I spoke to many smiling faces.  The night exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds!


For those who attended the event, THANK YOU!  It meant a great deal to me.  There were those of you that I saw but was never able to engage in conversation.  I hope you understand that for me, it was a whirlwind moment of excitement with nonstop activity and discussion.

But this is only the beginning…

Over the next five months the campaign will intensify and plans for many meetings with neighborhood groups and individuals lie ahead.  I am ready for that challenge, with gusto!

As I stated Friday night to the enthusiastic crowd.  I have been involved in the city government for a very long time…Now I’m ‘In it to win it!’

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time.  It is a campaign and I am anxious to put my ‘ground game’ in place by building my list of the following:

• Hosting a “Meet and Greet” in your home

• Identify speaking opportunities

• Hosting a fundraiser

• Future phone bank participants

• Walking your neighborhood

• Working on election day

• Placing a sign in your yard or business

• Donate to help me get my message out

• Vote, vote, vote

Please visit my website for pertinent information:
Email me at:
Visit my Facebook Page : Andrea Levine O’Rourke for Boca Raton City Council Seat B
Follow me on Twitter:  @andifromboca
Follow my  Instagram  @andilevineorourke

As a team “We Can Build Our Future Together”

Let’s do this!!!!


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