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In response to my inquiry of County Commissioner Abrams at the Federation of Homeowners meeting last Tuesday morning, the following list of projects being funded by the sales tax increase within the city of Boca Raton has been provided for your information and review. Of interest and deserving of follow up is that there is no timeline provided for completion. Sales Tax is captured on a yearly basis and monies allocated and spent accordingly. In the near future, Jack McWalter will be analyzing this along with expected expenditures by the School Board for their infrastructure projects within our geographic area. Stay tuned.

Al Zucaro

Below is a list of Infrastructure Surtax Projects currently anticipated to be undertaken by the County within the City of Boca Raton. If a project crosses multiple cities and/or unincorporated areas, the estimated cost was divided equally among the cities and/or unincorporated area. This is of course in addition to the City’s share it is receiving separately from the surtax distribution. I have emphasized to County staff the necessity to coordinate with the City as you develop your list for any projects that overlap. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • South Inlet Parking Lot Repairs Asphalt Paving and Striping $8,100
  • Clint Moore Rd. over LWDD E-4 Canal (PB934426) Bridge Modifications 600,000
  • Palmetto Park Rd. from Glades Rd. to Crawford Blvd. Resurfacing 1,850,000
  • Jog Rd. from Glades Rd. to Yamato Rd. Resurfacing 350,000
  • Congress Ave. from Clint Moore Rd. to Lake Ida Rd. Resurfacing 800,000
  • Military Trail from Palmetto Park Rd to Clint Moore Rd. Resurfacing 1,150,000
  • Old Dixie Hwy. from South County Line to Spanish River Blvd. Resurfacing 1,200,000
  • Jog Road (Lake Ida Road to Old Clint Moore Road) Street Lighting 85,000
  • Military Trail (Lake Worth Road to Clint Moore Road) Street Lighting 107,143
  • Powerline Road (south of Glades Road to Broward County Line) Street Lighting 60,000
  • Sections of Jog Road Striping 220,000
  • Sections of Military Trail Striping 180,000
  • Sections of Clint Moore Road Striping 100,000
  • Sections of Palmetto Park Road Striping 137,500


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  1. Item #3 on the list of projects in Boca Raton to be done by the County should be interesting, since to my knowledge Palmetto Park Rd. and Glades Rd run parallel to one another. Not sure what intersection they are referring to for that item.

  2. Regarding #3, that’s why its the most expensive! It’s a pretty complicated project – Boca will be the first to merge 2 parallel roads!

  3. They meet in the Everglades.
    If you drive West to the end of Palmetto Rd or Glades Rd
    They Loop to each other

    If you look at the map at the end of Glades Rd and Palmetto Park Rd.
    They come together in the Everglades in aloop


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