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Boca Raton City Council now has two strong  ‘resident friendly’ voices….Andrea Levine O’Rourke and Monica Mayotte.  Acting Mayor Scott Singer has declared his candidacy to run for Mayor in the Special Election set for August 28, 2018, creating a vacancy for City Council Seat A.  Candidates for this seat are lining up.    Residents must look carefully at these candidates.  The field is not yet fully defined but already a ‘developer friendly’ candidate has emerged….Residents have the opportunity to elect a third ‘resident friendly’ voice to the Council. BocaWatch will be publishing candidate profiles and video interviews.  ‘Resident Friendly’ versus ‘Developer Friendly’ candidates will be easily identified….As in the past, follow the campaign money…. Stay tuned, Stay informed and, most important, remember, your vote is your voice; let your voice be heard at the ballot box in August!

Al Zucaro, Publisher

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  1. Thank you Jessica for your consistently informative and poignant articles!

    We have joined you in a few of the Beach Clean Ups and would like to be more involved.
    We are flora and fauna devotees, especially native ones. Preserving what remains of NATURAL Florida is of paramount importance to us. Contrary to the eccentric “Manifest Destiny” attitude, which sadly, still sullies this society, our beautiful Florida is not “here” for selfish, short sighted exploitation by a few at the expense of many. It’s refreshingly uplifting to see someone like yourself, who reaches a large audience, has similar goals and interests. Please let us know what else WE can do to aid your/our cause(s).

    We, in the neighborhoods North of NE 20th St to Yamato Road, sandwiched between Federal and Dixie, “The Chopped Liver” of Boca Raton are placing our city government, any candidate, future AND current, under the microscope to ensure he/she is NOT a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    He or she could present a “Resident Friendly”platform and simply have the salivating “wolves” in their back pocket/wallet.
    So, I myself want to see a “Resident Committed ” candidate run for office and be elected.
    I would entertain submitting a “contract” to any candidate that claims to be “Resident Friendly”, for him/her to sign, that they will commit and execute to the best of their ability ie: votes on council and sponsorship of actions beneficial to the quality of life of Boca Residents, remaining steadfastly loyal to the promises they make while campaigning.
    In my humble opinion Boca Raton too often resembles “The Wild Wild West” because the government and powers that be in the city ALLOW IT! It is THAT simple!

    Most of our city officers take an oath with the theme, to “Serve and Protect”. Our City government, most departments, in my eyes and those of thousands of other Boca Raton residents, are NOT DOING THAT!
    as if the word, “Fiduciary” has disappeared from the dictionary!

    What I mean, for example, is the “Free for all” behavior by too many people and apparent lack of vigorous code and traffic law enforcement. On our roads too many people are belligerently doing what ever suits them regardless of how their dangerous actions effect anyone else, breaking all kinds of laws, with NO fear of repercussions! The condition of too many homes and strip shopping areas clearly violate a plethora of Boca’s code ordinances and we, especially in our neighborhoods get little or no attention from the city, just placation and condescending responses at best.

    I had suggested to the appropriate departments of the city, that Boca utilize the invaluable tool of Social Media to announce “Effective Immediately, the City of Boca Raton is permanently adopting a “Zero Tolerance” policy towards numerous traffic violations and code ordinance infractions, with consistent and vigorous enforcement.”
    This announcement will be viral, and many people will govern themselves accordingly.
    The city could post at it’s borders an appropriate signage “warning” people to observe the traffic laws or pay the price. Unfortunately, these days, to coax most people to obey the law is to put the fear of monetary loss in them, NOT because it is the LAW, and it’s the “Right thing.” to do.
    To “Do the Right Thing” doesn’t seem to be a priority anymore.

    I ask, if the above were executed,” Who will the city be “offending”, Who will cry “lost revenue” because the city finally decides to enforce it’s own ordinances, and state etc. laws?”
    The average law abiding resident of Boca Raton, is actually the one “offended” because of the city’s apparent lack of vigorous vigilance regarding the above.
    I added that the EMS services would most likely be less burdened if it was KNOWN ” YOU DON’T MISBEHAVE ON THE ROADS IN BOCA!”
    Federal Highway and Dixie sound like the Daytona 500 everyday. Why, because those individuals who choose to break Florida’s law against augmenting exhaust systems are NOT ticketed by the police.
    Too often, these “people” recklessly operate their vehicles at speeds twice the speed limit with no concern for anyone else they are SHARING the road with, yes, I said the word SHARING. Too many people refuse to grasp that novel concept!
    The vast majority of Boca Raton residents sincerely want and need to have our roads and neighborhoods safer, cleaner, and to reflect the enforcement of the law!
    The City does have the ability to do just that!
    The big question remains; Is the Government of Boca Raton ….WILLING?
    How many more “Broken Windows” will happen before Boca wakes up?
    Thank you for “listening”.

  2. You’ve raised interesting points. Realize though that many people in Boca own expensive sports cars designed to exceed speed limits and sound impressive while they’re doing it.

    What you’re saying is that people should have governors and mufflers that keep their car from going fast or getting too loud. No?

    • Hello Jason,

      Thank you for your comments.
      Please see this link re: Fl statutes regarding enhancing vehicle noise.

      Re: expensive sports cars;
      They do indeed make more “growl” than most. That’s the way they are made. The faster they go, until they have been shifted to their highest speed, the more noise they make, ie: gunning the engine at a traffic light.
      That is their choice to buy these vehicles. I’ve driven a few of them. They are so uncomfortable anyway!

      However, the trucks, cars and motorcycles which emit the “noise” in question; ALL of the exhaust systems have been enhanced to intentionally be as loud as possible. The noise emitted by these vehicles often set off alarms, wake infants, raises blood pressure, and just disrupts the right of peace and tranquility which our Federal constitution gives us.
      While exercising their “right” of the pursuit of happiness, the operators do NOT have the freedom to impinge on the rights of others. It’s also called “Consideration.”

      Who ever wants to purchase one of those “Expensive” cars, they can find and pay to use a race track where they can “Sow their wild oats” to their heart’s content! Maybe they just need a testosterone supplement or are already taking too much? Ya gotta have a sense of humor!
      I’ve never understood why so many people think that this genre of noise is “impressive”. Perhaps I’m ignorant?
      It’s impressive alright, but NOT in the way these people think, except to like minded.

      Please read some articles about the effects NOISE has on the human body. I believe you’ll be surprised.
      I hope you’ll spare yourself and those you care about from some of it.

      I find it odd that there’s been so much complaining about the train horns, while, during this same time period, I have read maybe 3 mentions about the intentional, narcissistic, NOISE from the trucks, motorcycles, and hot rod cars whose operators give one NO CHOICE of whether they want to hear it or not.

      I hear people grumble all the time about the noise AND the people who drive them, but I don’t see any honest effort to change the situation. The train horns are there to protect us. If so many people didn’t choose IGNORE the train crossings, we wouldn’t need as many horns. If more people CHOSE to observe the speed limit, and respect others, we wouldn’t need speed bumps as much! Personal responsibility. N’est pas?
      The noises from these vehicles only annoy.

      The speed the operators CHOOSE, if it’s above the speed limit, it’s above the speed limit. Done deal. Where’s the debate?
      What about the posted speed limit numbers, 30,55,65,25 etc don’t people understand?
      LOL…Anyway, to finally answer your question about do I think people should have governors and mufflers from excessive speed or excessive noise?
      We already have them!
      The lack of enforcement is just another “Broken Window.”
      We have LAWS to prevent both. Existing but grossly unenforced laws ARE the muffler and the governor! It’s up to our officials to enforce them. That’s their job, and it’s our job to speak up!
      I hope I’ve shed come clarity on my thoughts, albeit verbosely! LOL
      Thanks again Jason,
      Be Well, Be Safe

      Heck, maybe we should just pass a law letting these people drive as fast as they want on I-95 between the hours of 2:30AM – 4:30 AM on Monday and Tuesday nights in the 2 left lanes ONLY! (Yeah right)
      Put a mandatory $1000.00 fine in “5 easy payments” for breaking that one! They do it anyway. Let them pay a nice fee of say $500 per year for the privilege, NO, it isn’t a right, which will be payable with their vehicle registration. These fees could be used for anticipated EMS services.
      Would that be ENOUGH for them to get “it” out of their system for a week?
      Sounds ridiculous?
      If it does, NOT doing anything about them now is just as insane!

  3. I SO agree with Michael French. The noise and the speeding are outrageous! I live in East Boca between Dixie and Federal near Camino and I am fully aware of what you say. I have been here 10 years and it has become increasingly difficult to enjoy my porch at any time of the day. Law enforcement PLEASE!

  4. Thanks Dorothy,
    I’m beginning to think I’m the only one who feels so strongly about this growing problem.


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