BocaWatch Satire: Following the Money


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Developers get VIP entrance to City Hall with  the red carpet rolled out and Residents get the side door.

Image created by Jessica Gray

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  1. Money talks!! Just look around downtown, it’s a disaster! Trying to drive anywhere is already a joke. These people are just going to keep the cash cow flowing. I’ll be leaving within a few short years when I find a city comparable to what Boca was 20 years ago. Good luck trying to stem the development tide!!

  2. Greed, Greed , Greed I too will be leaving as soon as my kids are done at school. Boca has done a poor job of planning they want to position themselves to capture their piece of Florida’s tourist dollar. Sad part is they boxed themselves into a corner and have no good way to get the tourist from point A to downtown. Now they are talking about paving over a section of the most pristine sections of waterfront to add powerboat launches at Rutherford park. That area should kept for paddle sports. Keep the boat launch closer to the inlet it makes sense for so many reasons. Rutherford is in a perfect location for Canoeing, SUP, or kayaking from Rutherford to gumbo limbo and wild flower if they can ever decide what to do there. Pave every square inch of silver palm and add a boat launch there but keep Rutherford natural and just fix what you have let fall apart for the last decade reopen the kayak launch. Boca should be ashamed of what they have let Rutherford deteriorate to. Now Boca wants to add a parking garage off 2nd hoping to get a brightline stop but they know its a bad spot as it’s dangerous for any pedestrian traffic. Boca schools are bursting at the seams kids ride 3-4 to a seat or have to sit on the floor of the bus because its overcrowded. Bus drivers dont speak english or stop at the right stops. Transportation authority does not answer their phone or return calls. Yet the city wants to just keep adding megastructures. Understaffed police and crime skyrocketing. Boca, not what I expected !

    • What do you mean kids are riding on the floor of the school buses?? And these parents aren’t concerned? These parents are allowing thier child to get on the bus knowing the possibility there won’t be a seat, so sit on the floor?! Shame on the school district and parents!

  3. The City’s political folks are just like Palm Beach county, they will never reject development when it brings in more tax dollars so they can spend more and have more power by controlling that endless bad of money to spend.

  4. We too will be leaving and 62 wonderful years .Boca Raton Has made a Disaster of the downtown and there no where near done.
    I think they are going for More of New York style living, and attracting more wealthy foreigners. Not my style. Grand parents
    Moved to town in the 50’s and it’s time to go.Best of Luck


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