BocaWatch Satire: Beach Lives Matter


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  1. I guess this is the lesser of two evils. A property WE bought for 7+ million with a tenant that would pay NO TAXES for 10 yrs. OR a postage stamp park……………….hum, Sounds like an Obama idea. Smells like a hippy thought, from the 60s.
    These are the same type, that told us, we had to give up paper GROCERY bags. ( paper pulp trees, grow fast and are renewable) So, we went to plastic bags ( petroleum based, has a half life) This gave us a pollution problem the size of Texas, off the north coast of MIDWAY Is. But I digress.
    Could it be the neighborhood didn’t want to smell fish and chips, when they opened their sliders?
    What I don’t get is the price tag and what WE get for our buck$
    Now, if parks a so important , How about improving Spanish River ? What is it, like half a mile long ? the inter costal side, should be developed for use, for canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, wind surfing etc.. just my 2 cents !



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