BocaWatch Satire: An ‘Insatiable Appetite’


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Developers have gotten very ’FAT ‘ in Boca for years….time for that to change!!!!

Image created by Jessica Gray

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  1. Jessica Gray lives on a barrier island, among the most environmentally sensitive locations on our planet. While sitting in her air-conditioned condo, she dehuminizes and vaguely threatens violence against the developers who took great economic risk building her home.
    No, I am not a developer, but I do recognize hypocracy when I see it.

    • Hi Anonymous! I am sorry you feel that I am dehumanizing and threatening developers, along with standing up for what I believe in. Another fun fact, I work 3 jobs – so I rarely get to sit in my air conditioned condo.

  2. Soon we will not be able to drive around the city because of all the people jammed into the downtown area.In some areas if you go to dinner you sometimes have to walk 3 to 4 blocks to park. Io many people in to small a space.

  3. Good one, Jessica. Developers need to be threatened. As a native Floridian, all this development literally sickens me. What is sad is that city and county government seems to have lost the word NO. They don’t know how to say no while our quality of life is being raped from us by the greedy, money hungry developers.

    Here’s a funny one even though it’s not about Boca. The Sun-Sentinel had a article about people flocking to Parkland because of its open spaces and my thought was, how long is that going to last, 5 years, tops. All this development is ruining our enjoyment of this area.We are recreating NY, Boston, Chicago, etc. but without the mass transit. So, the result will be traffic gridlock with each of us in our cars. All the oldtimers are moving out, cashing in on their house, and finding quieter places to live.

    Anonymous doesn’t even have the guts to put his or her real name. What are you afraid of?

  4. Agreed, Janet, Parkland will be the next development hub once we get new Boca Raton city leaders in place that will get rid of all the greedy developers!!!!!

  5. Janet, another perspective is that as long as Boca’s City Council members float the notion that they are willing to ignore ordinances or vote for variances to ordinances, development special interests will keep knocking on the door. Developers need to develop to pay the bills and survive. The Boca building binge is out of control. I’m reminded of the Alice in Wonderland paraphrase “if you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there.” If the Boca City Council has a vision for where the City is going, they don’t seem serious about following it or they are too willing to be steered away from the vision.

  6. You wont find a city like this one, that is why we need to be proactive in protecting it!

    I spent some time in Wilmington, NC and it does remind me of Boca 20 years ago.

    Problem with Boca’s growth is that there is no long term plan of what it should be.
    Its too small to be a big city, and too big to be a small town.

    Controlled growth in housing, business and recreation need to be considered and balanced.

    How does the city Palm Beach do it?
    Its the opposite of Boca. People with money keep growth down. What is happening in Boca would never happen there.

    It is all based on how much money can developers, politicians, and everyone who has a hand in it can get.
    How many “Luxury Condos do we really want?”
    Can that many people really afford expensive rentals?
    What are those buildings going to look like in 20 years? They are not built to last.
    They can be torn down (like everything else in Boca) Then what?

    I remember the lies; Tearing down Boca Mall (Town Center is NOT the Boca Mall ) Mizner being a large percentage of a cultural center, buildings no higher than 7 stories, etc.

    It makes me happy that I grew up in this town, but so sad to see that it has slipped away.

    I have left a few times, but I have always come back.

    There are so many GREEDMONSTERS here!

    BAT CRAZY MAN is the leader of the pack.

    We need leaders that pursue responsible growth without destroying our Town.



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