August Primaries Almost Here…


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The upcoming months bring a special meaning to this somewhat cynical phrase we have all heard before.

We are blessed to have the right to vote for our representatives in all three branches of our government. In the upcoming months, a number of executive, legislative, and judicial offices are coming up for election at the city, county, state, and federal levels. The offices range from local city council seats up to the office of the President of the United States with many in between. In addition, several special issues and referendums will appear on the ballot for our consideration.

Upcoming elections can be reviewed at: There is a primary election in August as well as a general election in November.

The August ballot will contain two very important City Issues as well as Beach & Park District Commission Race along with Palm Beach County tax increase and more.

Why is this important? Because it will require extra diligence and energy on the part of voters (you and me) to sort through the candidates, understand the issues, and to show up and vote in three important elections over a seven month period.

To Vote Early, and also save yourself from waiting in a long line at the polls, you can sign up to vote by mail. Your ballot will be mailed to you. You can fill it out thoughtfully and at your leisure. And then simply mail it back to our Supervisor of Elections.

Voting Often is even more important. Voter apathy is one of the worst enemies of a democracy. Keeping your attention for three back-to-back elections will be a challenge for the candidates. Win or lose, whomever you choose, hopefully you will find your way to vote in all three elections.

Vote Early and Vote Often! You can’t go wrong if you do…

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