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(May 21, 2018) Boca Raton, FL— Today, Al Zucaro announced he will run for mayor of Boca Raton in the special election on August 28, 2018.  Zucaro will file his paperwork by end of business this week.

Boca Raton residents best know Zucaro as the publisher of BocaWatch, but he’s also an attorney and a former West Palm Beach City Commissioner.

“I am running for Mayor of Boca Raton to complete the transformation voters began in 2017 to elect a resident friendly council majority that will put the quality of life interests of our citizens first, above the financial interests of developers,” stated Zucaro.

Through Zucaro’s efforts, on behalf of the residents, he helped bring to light suspended Mayor Susan Haynie’s alleged criminal behavior – culminating in her recent arrest for four felonies and three misdemeanors.

For the past six years, Zucaro and the BocaWatch volunteer team have kept Boca Raton residents up to date about the issues affecting the city including but not limited to: traffic, congestion, overdevelopment, school overcrowding, maintaining parks and green space, and public corruption. The BocaWatch website, social media page and newsletters have engaged thousands of followers, helping them to become more involved and better informed about local politics.

BocaWatch, under Zucaro’s leadership, was instrumental in passing the 2016 ‘Wildflower’ referendum to preserve city-owned waterfront property for public recreational use and supported the 2017 election win of Councilwoman Andrea Levine O’Rourke and the 2018 election win of Councilwoman Monica Mayotte.

Mr. Zucaro’s use of critically timed digital polling technology helped affirm, more recently, the public’s stance on the Rafael Nadal proposal to take over Patch Reef Park, leading to swift action by the Beach & Parks District, saving Patch Reef Park for resident use.

Zucaro has published over 850 articles, a majority from resident authors, in an effort to mobilize citizen involvement in government.  Zucaro’s experience combined with his leadership ability will return good governance to Boca Raton – open and transparent government with resident friendly objectives.

Previously, Zucaro served for eight years on the West Palm Beach City Commission, including one year as Commission President.  He understands the complexities of municipal government and is experienced handling multi-million-dollar municipal budgets.

Zucaro is also the former Chairman of the World Trade Center Palm Beach and has traveled extensively to numerous countries promoting international trade.

Zucaro also previously served on the Board of the Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council and the Convention and Visitors Bureau and is a former member of the Economic Council of Palm Beach County.

Zucaro has the legal and municipal experience Boca Raton needs now. He will use his experience and knowledge of Boca Raton issues to stop the cronyism that has created quality of life concerns for residents.

Zucaro has a B.A. degree in Economics, magna cum laude, from Fordham University and a law degree (J.D.) from Nova Southeastern University College of Law.

Zucaro is a 36-year resident of Palm Beach County and a 10-year resident of Boca Raton.  Zucaro and his wife Yvonne Boice have been married for 9 years.

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  1. Hear, hear. The last election win should have gone to you, Mr. Zucaro. Now to right a wrong! Get in there and Stop the over building, over crowding of our Beloved Boca!

  2. Can someone tell me is this guy is a Republican or a Democrat ? I can’t find Info about His party affiliation nowhere

    • Mr. Rodriguez, The mayor’s race is a non-partisan race. Party affiliation is not listed on the ballot. However, in response to your inquiry, all candidates for the mayor’s position are republicans.


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