Ukraine news LATEST: Putin’s crony DEMANDS nuclear strike on UK & threatens to turn Britain ‘into a Martian desert’


    A RUSSIAN MP has urged Putin to launch a nuclear strike on the UK and turn Britain into a “Martian DESERT” on live state TV, reports say. Vladimir Putin’s evil Duma mouthpiece Andrey Gurulyov, former deputy commander of Russia’s southern military district, made alarming threats against Britain, as well as Joe Biden and NATO. When asked what Russia should be ready for in the Ukraine war, Gurulyov replied “victory”, continuing: “Today I heard, ‘If we don’t win…’ That is not an option, we will win.” He later continued: “Biden says there would be a reaction, per their Article 5, but if we turn the British Isles into a Martian desert in 3 minutes flat, using tactical nuclear weapons, not strategic ones, they could use Article 5, but for whom? A nonexistent country, turned into a Martian desert? They won’t respond.” The Daily Beast’s Julia Davis shared the video to her Twitter page on Sunday, postng: “Meanwhile in Russia, more of the usual: nuclear threats against Germany and Britain, cautioning NATO against going into Ukraine,” she wrote as a caption. Read our Ukraine-Russia live blog below for the latest udpates…

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