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    Feed Title: Scientific American Content: Global
    - Andrea Thompson

    The human toll of carbon emissions will vastly magnify climate change’s economic costs -- Read more on

    - Adam Aton, E&E News

    The bipartisan legislation includes less funding for public transit and electric vehicles -- Read more on

    - Jason H. Moore

    It’s unable to tell us why it came to a particular decision—and that’s crucial information -- Read more on

    - Andrea Gawrylewski

    --

    - Seth Shostak

    As a SETI scientist, I’m grateful that he has the freedom—and the guts—to go where few would dare to go -- Read more on

    - Willem Marx

    Apartment buildings, or blocks of row houses, can be upgraded in one installation -- Read more on

    - Rhea Wanchoo

    Take it from someone who almost gave up on her dream of being a scientist -- Read more on

    - Maxine Joselow, E&E News

    Ten Republican attorneys general have asked a federal court to keep a revamped social cost of carbon from taking effect -- Read more on

    - Smriti Mallapaty, Nature magazine

    The spaceborne studies will cover diverse topics, from dark matter and gravitational waves to the growth of cancer and pathogenic bacteria -- Read more on

    - Tess Joosse

    By associating caffeinated sugar-water and a target scent, researchers teach bumblebees to stay on task -- Read more on

    - Sophie Bushwick

    The algorithm hides sensitive information in a sea of decoys -- Read more on

    - Maddie Bender

    Simone Biles drops out of an event, citing the lack of an audience -- Read more on

    - Sara Schonhardt, E&E News

    “Blue carbon” taken up by marine plants and animals is mostly neglected in climate policy, they say -- Read more on

    - Daniel P. Oran, Eric Topol

    They not only prevent people from getting sick; they also cut down on transmission by those who get infected after immunization -- Read more on

    - Claudia Wallis

    Shorter courses cause fewer side effects and breed fewer antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” -- Read more on

    - Adam Mann

    With nearly $2 million in private funding, the controversial new initiative is targeting unidentified phenomena in Earth’s skies and beyond -- Read more on

    - Dan Falk

    The late physicist’s most infamous statement still beguiles scientists and vexes believers -- Read more on

    - Eleanor Cummins

    The 3-D tracking systems used in Tokyo may one day enable digital twins of athletes -- Read more on

    - Florian Freistetter

    When it comes to dieting, here’s how to tally the so-called basal metabolic rate -- Read more on

    - Chelsea Harvey, E&E News

    They may make both the best and worst-case scenarios for climate change less likely -- Read more on


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