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    A scandal has allegedly been uncovered at the LAPD following the discovery that 44 firearms went missing from the gun store at the Los Angeles Police Academy.

    CHICAGO (AP) — Two brothers arrested for an alleged attack on Jussie Smollett recounted for Chicago police how the ex-“Empire” actor orchestrated the hoax, telling them via text message to meet him “on the low,” paying for supplies and holding a “dry run” in downtown Chicago, the lead investigator testified Tuesday.

    CNN suspended Chris Cuomo indefinitely after recently released text messages showed Cuomo used his media sources to dig up information on his brother, former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s, sexual harassment accusers.

    Kyle Rittenhouse is no longer enrolled at Arizona State University (ASU), where a mob of left-wing students have called for his expulsion, despite Rittenhouse being acquitted of all charges.

    Over 1,700 faith leaders are urging the Biden Pentagon to approve religious exemptions for troops from the coronavirus vaccine mandate.

    Sen. Steve Daines said, in Dobbs, the Supreme Court has “the opportunity to defend our most fundamental right – the right to life."

    Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci surprised the children at Kimball Elementary School in Southeast Washington, DC.

    One America News (OAN) and Newsmax are backing Joe Biden's far-left, radical pick for FCC commissioner, Gigi Sohn, despite the fact that she and the organization she co-founded have called for the blacklisting of conservative broadcasters — including OAN.

    More African leaders on Monday joined South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera in condemning travel bans against their nations - imposed hurriedly by U.S. President Joe Biden and other Western and Asian governments after the discovery of the Omicron coronavirus variant - as unreasonable actions driven by virus panic and racist animosity towards Africans.

    For four years running, an annual chorus of unfounded criticism beat like a drum over former First Lady Melania Trump's Christmas decor. Now, it's First Lady Jill Biden's turn, but where have all the critics gone?

    The family of 9-year-old Ezra Blount -- the youngest victim who died as a result of Travis Scott's November 5 performance at Astroworld Music Festival in Houston, Texas -- has rejected the rapper's offer to pay for Blount's funeral expenses.

    Cook County, Illinois, claimed a grim milestone with over 1,000 homicides in 2021, the highest total since there were 1,141 homicides 27 years ago, the country's Medical Examiner’s Office said. 

    A longtime pilot for Jeffrey Epstein told a jury Tuesday at Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial that he never saw evidence of sexual activity on planes as he flew his boss and others — including a prince and ex-presidents — for nearly three decades.

    In an apparently serious article, the New York Times declared Monday that climate change is compelling some albatrosses, which usually mate for life, to “divorce” their partners.

    The White House told reporters on Monday that Biden had no plans to visit Waukesha, Wisconsin, even after six people were killed in the Christmas parade attack and over 60 people were injured.


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