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How can Boca parents keep kids* informed about the changing world around them? has aggregated news headlines relevant specifically to the people of Boca Raton, updated daily. These headlines are on the home page, organized by location: Boca Raton, Florida, USA, the Internet and the World. Check it out.

How can Boca parents connect their kids to the information about a changing planet without exposing them to the degeneracy and risks of social media? lets everyone, not just kids, stay up to date in the way social media is great for, but without the anger, hate and division that comes from getting the news tainted by second-hand opinions.

Turn your kids on to a local sources of news from voices closest to them. 
Get them hooked on info and thinking about the world that’s going to be theirs. 

Don’t like what you’re seeing here?
Say something. This isn’t a site run by a faceless conglomerate, just me, a local business owner, Jason Pelish. Your feedback is important to me. This site is designed for one audience: the people of Boca Raton.

* AS IN KIDS 13 & OLDER. This is news folks. Some of it might be too much for younger kids, so kids younger than 13 should only use this site with immediate adult supervision. Be responsible. Don’t let kids get upset by the news – help them understand it.

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