Coronavirus Poll: Keep Closed v Open Up?

coronavirus poll

Please participate in this poll. Let your voice be heard Boca Raton.

How do you feel about the Covid Pandemic Response continuing?

Want to say how you feel about it? Please say what you like in the comments below.
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NOTE: A single person is manipulating their browser settings so they vote multiple times as evidenced by dozens of “NO” votes coming from the same IP address. These fraudulent votes have been separated and you only see the tabulated results for people that voted a single time. Please don’t try to cheat. I’ll catch you anyway. -JP


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  1. Anyone with an underlying condition should self quarantine, ask for & get the help they need. The rest should be free to resume activities in a responsible maner

  2. I’d be able to risk community spread which can result from opening business, beaches and parks only after I would feel comfortable going to a hospital for necessary surgery or to repair a broken arm. Using that measure, we are not ready to open public places or spaces yet.

  3. Responsible business owners should be trusted to implement the protective measures outlined by the Caronavirus Task Force. Local government is hurting the very people them claim to be protecting.
    Small business owners, their customers and the consuming public in general is being harmed in many ways by the dictates of our local government.
    Unleash the people and allow them to follow the rules. Boca Raton government is not helping. The mayor and council, with one exception, think they know best….they do not…It is just the easy way out to lock things down. Real leaders do not take the easy way. Al Zucaro

  4. Who decides who will be the sacrificial lambs (ie people with underlying conditions, medical personnel, essential workers)? I have family and friends who have underlying conditions. Should I tell them to stay home? I have family and friends who are medical personnel or essential workers. Should I ask them to risk their lives while I go out and play (thereby risking my own)? Not everyone knows if they’re a carrier or not, so saying that they’d do things responsibly is nonsense. They can’t help the spread unless they stay home and wait to ensure everyone is safe to go out.

    • Oh, sweetie…its not your business to decide who does what.

      I am immune compromised. If I choose to go out to the beach, that is my choice. Not yours

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  6. Just look at the stats. It makes sense to open beaches and parks. The longer we stay cooped up our immune systems will not be able to fight the virus. We need to get back to work for our sanity and to save our businesses that we have been working so hard. to develop. We will use our common sense to stay healthy. We don’t deserve to be put in the penalty box..

  7. I think that we all need to be responsible for their own self and families. If you don’t feel safe, don’t go. My nail salon is small, all techs wear masks always and the place is immaculate. The owner cleans it himself. Hair salon is equally clean, either place I would go in either. I am an educated intelligent woman that would never put myself or family in harms way.

  8. Jason, what are your qualifications for opening and standing in your own ill-informed bully pulpit. My guess is you are either deranged or a stuck up rich kid with nothing better to do. Either way, you are a danger to yourself and society.

  9. I will consider star going out or resume business after infection is going down , every day continue going up . I am working in tracking a palm beach Broward and zip code cob19 track Cases and dead .


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