Businesses in Boca: City, County and State Obligations


Before a business can officially open it’s doors here in Boca Raton there are a number of obligations that need to be fulfilled with the State of Florida, Palm Beach County and City Hall. I’ve described what we had to do at Massive Impressions when we opened our marketing company in Boca Raton.

For me it was a four step process involving online registration with the State, two in-person visits to City Hall, and one visit to the County Tax Collector’s Office.

  • The City
    Making sure you’re registered as a business with the the City is probably the biggest issue a new business faces because if you’re caught by the inspectors without a Certificate of Occupancy then you’ll be fined.
  • The County
    Making sure you’re registered with the County is a requirement dictated both by Palm Beach County laws and by the City of Boca Raton to get the Certificate of Occupancy.
  • The State
    Making sure you’re registered with the State ensures you can comply with State Unemployment Tax and includes your business in the State’s Division of Corporations database. Once your company is registered in that database it can get a business bank account and apply for a Federal EIN, a requirement to do various other business verification processes and pay Federal Taxes. Being in that database is another requirement of the City’s process for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy – the document that lets your business open its doors to clients and employees.

The next posts will detail the specific steps it took to get our business registered on all three of these levels.

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