Let me throw this question out…


If you were responsible for the budget of our schools, and could only afford to improve one element, what would it be?
Science, Mathematics, Sports, Communications … let’s hear what you would choose and why.

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  1. Our schools really are missing so much that it is hard to just pick out one item. They are missing:

    1. Foreign Language in K-5.
    2. parent involvement is frowned upon in the classrooms rather than encouraged.
    3. sports at the middle school level have been abandoned.
    4. Magnet schools for gifted rather than classes at your school.

    These items together create a lack of an essential element of any society: COMMUNITY. We can not address the lack of Community without addressing our failing schools. Teaching with the only purpose to “pass the FCAT” fails in so many ways but culminates in a lack of Community.

  2. I agree, Frank, When my son went to Summit Private School I was able to be a science/critical thinking teacher, a basketball and soccer coach, and a reading teacher, among other volunteer duties. When we switched to Addison Mizner I was told that because I do not have a “teaching certificate” I would not be allowed to take any part in helping out in capacities such as this. I am a university teacher by profession with over ten years’ experience. I am offering to work for free in any useful position. I have talked to parents willing to teach art, piano, voice, and Spanish for free as well who are treated as “pesky” for trying to get involved. It’s idiotic. It wouldn’t cost more to have volunteer parents run interesting after-school programs.


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