What does Boca Raton Need?


If you get around in Boca Raton today you’ll notice a lot of new things: new restaurants, new shops, new offices. We’ve even got some new parks. It’s hard to keep track of all the new stuff there is to do and see – a lot harder than when Boca was younger. Now it seems like new places come and go before there’s a chance to visit and see what’s offered.

Thankfully we’ve got the Internet today, and we can do a little research before we step out. We can see what people are talking about and what’s being advocated on social media; people talk a lot about what’s here and what they like.



What’s less often talked about is what’s missing. What does Boca Raton need that’s lacking today? What would you add to Boca Raton to make it a better place?

  • Independent Coffee Shops?
  • Dim Sum?
  • Billboards?
  • Monorail?
  • What do you think?


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