Photos Show Mystery COCAINE Found Inside Biden White House


    US Secret Service photos showing locker where illicit substance was found obtained by Daily Mail via Freedom of Information Act request. Crime scene photos have surfaced showing the notorious baggy containing cocaine that was found inside the Biden White House over the summer. On Monday, the Daily Mail published via a Freedom of Information Act request US Secret Service photos showing the locker where the illicit substance was found. Image credit: Image credit: The bag was found by a Secret Service agent inside of locker number 50 among a set of lockers near the White House’s West Executive entrance. The lockers are used by visitors and staff to drop off electronic devices and personal items not permitted in some parts of the West Wing. Image credit: A lockdown and evacuation ensued after the powdery white drug was located back in July, prompting hazmat teams to comb the area. A subsequent 11-day US Secret Service investigation was launched that ultimately turned up fruitless, with the agency announcing it could not identify a suspect.Down N’ Out is now 40% OFF! Get the powerful sleep you deserve tonight! Image credit: / Image caption: “An investigator holds up the test used to determine that the substance was cocaine and not something more dangerous like Anthrax” The substance tested positive for cocaine, sodium bicarbonate and caffeine, however FBI fingerprint and DNA analysis were inconclusive. However, reports emerged claiming the Biden admin knew the perpetrator’s identity, and that the person was inside of the “Biden family orbit.” Despite not naming a suspect, the Secret Service then reportedly destroyed the substance, ensuring further investigation of the bag would not continue. In the court of public opinion, Biden’s crackhead son Hunter who has a history of substance abuse has long been the primary suspect, but when asked if someone in the Biden family could be the baggy’s owner, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shut down reporters, claiming the Bidens had been vacationing in Camp David. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer when asked directly “once and for all, whether or not the cocaine belonged to the Biden family.” She proceeded to scold the reporter who asked it as “irresponsible” instead of saying yes or no.— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) July 8, 2023 “You know, there has been some irresponsible reporting about the family and so I’ve got to call that out here,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “And I have been very clear.” “I was clear two days ago … the Biden family was not here, they were not here, they were at Camp David,” she continued. “They were not here Friday, they were not here Saturday, they were not here Sunday. They were not even here Monday. They came back here on Tuesday.” It appears the cocaine incident is just another one of Biden’s various corrupt scandals that will be invariably swept under the rug during his administration.

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