Louisiana Becomes 10th US State to Make CS a High School Graduation Requirement


    Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: “Great news, Louisiana!” tech-backed Code.org exclaimed Wednesday in celebratory LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter posts. Louisiana is “officially the 10th state to make computer science a [high school] graduation requirement. Huge thanks to Governor Jeff Landry for signing the bill and to our legislative champions, Rep. Jason Hughes and Sen. Thomas Pressly, for making it happen! This means every Louisiana student gets a chance to learn coding and other tech skills that are super important these days. These skills can help them solve problems, think critically, and open doors to awesome careers!” Representative Hughes, the sponsor of HB264 — which calls for each public high school student to successfully complete a one credit CS course as a requirement for graduation and also permits students to take two units of CS instead of studying a Foreign Language — tweeted back: “HUGE thanks @codeorg for their partnership in this effort every step of the way! Couldn’t have done it without [Code.org Senior Director of State Government Affairs] Anthony [Owen] and the Code.org team!” Code.org also on Wednesday announced the release of its 2023 Impact Report, which touted its efforts “to include a requirement for every student to take computer science to receive a high school diploma.” Since its 2013 launch, Code.org reports it’s spent $219.8 million to push coding into K-12 classrooms, including $19 million on Government Affairs (Achievements: “Policies changed in 50 states. More than $343M in state budgets allocated to computer science.”). In Code.org by the Numbers, the nonprofit boasts that 254,683 students started Code.org’s AP CS Principles course in the academic year (2025 Goal: 400K), while 21,425 have started Code.org’s new Amazon-bankrolled AP CS A course. Estimates peg U.S. public high school enrollment at 15.5M students, annual K-12 public school spending at $16,080 per pupil, and an annual high school student course load at 6-8 credits… Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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