FBI Agent Reveals Suspected Paul Pelosi Attacker’s Creepy Search History


    Vicki Behringer/ReutersDavid DePape, the conspiracy theorist accused in a brutal hammer attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, scoured the internet for information about the former House Speaker and her family in the days leading up to the assault, with his queries ranging from the disturbing to the outlandish, according to testimony presented in his federal trial on Monday.Nine days before the Oct. 28 attack last year, DePape searched Google for Pelosi’s age and address, trawling through Google Maps to look at her San Francisco home, FBI Special Agent Stephanie Minor said on the witness stand. He also searched for “Nancy Pelosi failing” and “Pelosi pig blood,” according to a KQED reporter in the courtroom, the latter search an apparent reference to a 2021 incident wherein Pelosi’s house was vandalized with fake blood and a pig’s head.According to Minor, DePape also looked up the infamous “Poopalosi” video, where a YouTuber livestreamed himself defecating in Pelosi’s driveway, ostensibly in honor of Donald Trump.Read more at The Daily Beast.

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