Chris Hemsworth Experiments on Inmates in the Trippy Trailer for Psychedelic-Fueled ‘Spiderhead’


    NETFLIX“The time to worry about crossing lines was…a lot of lines ago,” Chris Hemsworth says matter-of-factly in the trailer for Netflix’s trippy upcoming film, Spiderhead. Hemsworth’s character, a visionary scientist named Steve Abnesti, runs a high-tech penitentiary where he conducts experiments on inmates that involve pumping them with different psychedelic drugs. He’s addressing one of his inmates, played by Miles Teller, in the aforementioned clip.At the Spiderhead prison, there are no barred cells or khaki jumpsuits. But as the trailer depicts, something even more nefarious seems to be going on. “Your presence in this facility, while technically a punishment, is a privilege,” Hemsworth says to Teller, not at all a manipulative thing to tell someone who is an incarcerated guinea pig for drugs that make you fall in and out of love with just a couple of small doses.Administered through a device surgically attached to the inmates’ backs, there are experimental drugs for nearly anything you can think of—one that makes you more verbose, one that frees you from the inhibitions of shame, one that forces you to tell the truth, and one that makes you obedient. An especially terrifying substance makes the user feel the worst, darkest depression they’ve ever experienced, multiplied by ten.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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