Belgian Government Will Intervene To Ensure Prostitutes Do as Pimps Tell Them


    Under a new law, pimps in Belgium will be able to seek government intervention if prostitutes refuse sex with clients too many times A new law in Belgium will allow pimps to seek government mediation if prostitutes refuse sex with clients more than 10 times in a six-month period. The law has been hailed by feminists and sex-positive activists for providing the first formal rights for so-called “sex workers.” According to The Publica, the law is being hailed as a significant victory by the Belgian Union of Sex Workers. The new law will grant prostitutes health insurance, a pension, maternity leave, holidays and unemployment benefits. They must also be provided with safety buttons for use in emergencies. Although prostitutes will be granted the right to refuse and cease sexual acts and to perform them in a manner of their own choosing, their pimps can seek government mediation if they use this right more than ten times within a six-month period. Pimps will be required to have a registered office and must apply to the Belgian government to offer contracts to prostitutes. Contracts will disguised in order to allow prostitutes to remain anonymous. Saturday Emergency Broadcast! Globalist Depopulation Operation Exposed By Covid WhistleblowerPower up with Nitric Boost that’s now 40% OFF! This potent formula gives you the massive edge in strength and superior circulation for that unparalleled performance you’ve been looking for!

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