A Mysterious Network of Twitter Bots Promote Alleged NRA Hack


    Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Photos Getty ImagesWhen a mysterious Russian hacking gang announced last week that it had assaulted the National Rifle Association with a ransomware attack, the NRA was quiet on whether the claim was true. But a network of hundreds of Twitter trolls were far from mute—they lapped up the news and went to town amplifying it across Twitter.The move was unusual. Ransomware gangs typically share information about their hacked victims on their own extortion sites, needling them to pay up by posting allegedly stolen files and embarrassing them along the way. And the ransomware gang in question, called Grief Gang, did just that, posting files it claimed to have run off with after hacking the NRA.But Grief Gang seems to be taking it to the next level.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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