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    The season of gifting is in full effect, and iPhones remain as one of the hottest items on people's wish lists. ZDNet's Jason Cipriani has you covered with the best Cyber Monday iPhone deals to watch for this season.

    Bring new life to your computer setup with the freshest deals on motherboards, RAM, and more at Newegg.

    Cybersecurity researchers at ThreatFabric detail how password-stealing Android banking trojans were disguised as QR code readers, fitness monitors, cryptocurrency apps and more.

    Busuu offers 12 different language courses to more than 500,000 paying subscribers and said it has serviced 120 million users since its founding in 2008.

    A lineup of aerial hardware stacks to fit a variety of enterprise photography and video use cases.

    The Bose catalog continues to expand with competitive offerings with its trademark ANC, and without.

    This limited-time deal includes 365 days of online multiplayer gaming, free games, and exclusive discounts.

    Take a look at these 20 great eLearning bundles! For Cyber Monday, all of them are 70% off with coupon code CMSAVE70.

    Apple has once again become the largest smartphone brand in China, putting massive pressure on its Android rivals.

    Police make arrests across 22 jurisdictions as part of the operation against cyber-enabled financial crime scams, including business email compromises.

    It's a good time to help others get the most from their iPhone.

    The future is bright for Otonomo -- which recently raised $255 million in its IPO and acquired AI startup Neura as part of a bold growth strategy.

    As the power crisis continues, governments are evaluating the potential instability of their electric power infrastructure from massive server farms. Ireland has imposed new regulations on IT data centers. Who is next?

    This sustainable smartphone beats all its Android rivals.

    It's ridiculous and arbitrary. It seems completely random. Microsoft has placed an artificial limit on your ability to roll back Windows 11 to Windows 10. Why? Just because.

    The ScoutPro is expensive and heavy, but also very powerful. It can charge a range of devices at once, but is not quite as capable as initially promised.

    Even a surge in new graduates won't tackle the skills gap, especially when a lack of diversity remains a significant issue.

    A Senate committee has been left scratching its head about how government can address its IT issues due to the lack of information available.

    Australia's national auditor will have another look at the Cashless Debit Card program to see if it is effective.

    Indians warned not to purchase Starlink services as the entity is unlicensed on the subcontinent.


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